Best Low Flow Shower Head 2023

Saving money on our water bills while enjoying a powerful and refreshing shower is something we all look forward to and want a refreshing day for ourselves. Best low flow shower head is affordable and ensures low water use while taking a shower.

At a Glance:

However, there are a handful of choices that you can find in the market. Each has its unique features, value for the money, and price range that could confuse you. To help you with that, we have formulated our list of the five best low-flow shower heads in 2023.

Our Recommendations For Low Flow Shower Head 2023

We have ranked these products based on their low flow rates, consistent pressure management, and flexibility features.

Waterpik Ecoflow
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Staff PickAmerican Standard FloWise
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Best PickWaterpik VBE-453
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Niagara N2517
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Budget PickDanze D460047
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Waterpik Ecoflow

Waterpik Ecoflow
Waterpik Ecoflow (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.5
Type: Fixed
Spray Pattern: 3
Material: Plastic

One of the reasons we look for low flow shower heads is that they are economical in terms of the product price and reduce our water bills cost. The same goes for the first pick Waterpik Ecoflow Fixed Mount Showerhead, with a 1.6 GPM low flow durable design.

Waterpik Ecoflow Fixed Mount Showerhead brings a balanced experience where the water flow rate is low, so it doesn’t use a lot of water while still getting a robust feel. This becomes even better when you look at the economical price tag providing great value for your money.

At times, a showerhead’s performance matters less, and people rely on how durable the product is. While that might not be everything, this best low flow shower head manages to bring exactly what you need with a simple yet elegant and durable design that you can install with ease for regular use.

Besides the low flow design that is already ensuring less water use, this Waterpik Ecoflow Fixed Mount Showerhead has a water-saving trickle button. You can use this to reduce the flow rate further or completely stop the stream while applying soap and shampoo to save more resources.

Not just that it saves you on your water bills by reducing the water flow and consuming less of it, its anti-clog nozzles save you a lot of post-maintenance costs. This is because you won’t be spending on professional help for cleaning your showerhead now and then.

The only flaw that we have seen so far about Waterpik Ecoflow Fixed Mount Showerhead is that the water pressure might get very slow, especially when it is not optimal from the water source.

Why should I Buy Fixed Mount Showerhead?

  • A cost-effective and best low flow shower head with a durable design.
  • The chrome finish further adds to the durable build of the product.
  • There are a variety of spray modes in this low flow rain shower head.
  • A very easy-to-install and economical product that is suitable for everyone.


  • Still powerful at a low flow rate
  • Durable design
  • Very easy installation
  • The water-saving trickle button
  • Advanced OptiFlow Technology


  • Too low water flow sometimes
  • Limited colors available

American Standard FloWise

Staff Pick
American Standard FloWise
American Standard FloWise (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.5-2
Type: Fixed/ Wall Mounted
Spray Pattern: 3
Material: Plastic

The next pick we bring is American Standard FloWise Shower brings a better combination of spray modes with maximum comfort flow and auto return features making it quite suitable as your daily bath option making it the second-best low-flow showerhead on our list.

American Standard FloWise has an innovative water-saving design that saves water up to 40% depending on the time you are used to spend in there. Also, to allow yourself some flexibility, you can adjust the showerhead’s angle and improve the experience.

This showerhead certainly has a better and more durable design that will be an endless option. However, it is expensive, and that’s why many buyers might not prefer it. However, if you have got the budget for it, it will be our top-most recommendation at any time for shower lovers.

American Standard FloWise has both 1.5 and 2.0 GPM flow rate options when you use different shower modes. For instance, the auto-return feature is set at default 1.5 GPM, while to enjoy a powerful shower, you will turn on the 2 GPM full-spray mode.

Not just that, the turbine technology used in this American Standard Shower Head is known for delivering a refreshing and soothing bath while saving 20 to 40% more water. At this rate, your family can contribute towards saving 8000 gallons of water every year which will be a considerable service.

Also, while saving water, you can use this three-function showerhead for a different experience every time and eventually get to decide what suits you the most. Don’t forget the turbine technology mode that delivers a powerful shower experience while staying at only 1.5 GPM.

Despite the brushed nickel finish, we think that the current price tag is too much, especially when there are equally great products available at prices 2 to 3 times cheaper.

Why Should You Buy American Standard 1660717.002 FloWise Shower?

  • American Standard brings the best low-flow shower head with a shut off valve.
  • Three different shower modes with both low-flow and high-water flow rates.
  • Comes with turbine technology for a low flow yet invigorating shower.
  • An easy-to-use and install shower head with no pre-plumbing required at all.


  • Water-saving showerhead
  • Low and high flow rates are available
  • The shower angle can be adjusted
  • Saves 8000 gallons of water per year
  • Durable design


  • An expensive one
  • Limited spray modes

Waterpik VBE-453

Best Pick
Waterpik VBE-453
Waterpik VBE-453 (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.6
Type: Handheld
Spray Pattern: 3
Material: Plastic

Our next best low flow shower head pick comes from the reputable Waterpik on a budget that is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Well, we are talking about Waterpik Handheld Shower Head that comes with a 1.6 GPM flow rate and 3 handheld shower settings that add to your showering options significantly.

What we love the most about Waterpik VBE-453 Handheld Shower Head is the durable plastic design with a chrome finish that will be your showering option for years. Compared to the previous product, it is not limited to just one setting but has 3 handheld settings for a different experience every time.

Also, this Waterpik low-flow showerhead improves on many things, including the handling and installation of the product. For instance, it allows you to do 360 swivels allowing maximum flexibility, which is something we haven’t seen in the previous picks on the list.

Moreover, Waterpik VBE-453 Handheld Shower Head allows both overhead and handheld showering. When we compare low-flow shower heads vs. regular, it comes out as the best handheld shower head in this low-pressure tier. The flexibility sees further improvement with the very interactive 5-ft long hose.

We recommend using its full-body spray mode that delivers a powerful and soothing experience for the spray modes. While it will refresh your mind in the morning, taking a shower after coming home to or gym has shown results related to soothed muscles and a stress-free mind.

Waterpik VBE-453 Handheld Shower Head’s package has everything inside, from a 5-ft long hose that allows great flexibility making it perfect for family use, to a mounting bracket that makes the showerhead installation very easy in any bathroom.

The only problem with this best low flow shower head is that it doesn’t bring rain or massage modes that could make the experience even better.

Why Should You Buy Waterpik VBE-453 Handheld Shower Head?

  • This Waterpik Handheld Shower Head comes with three settings for a relaxing bath.
  • A highly durable product that allows easy installation and uses for all users.
  • The optimal 1.6 GPM flow rate that is neither too low nor too high.
  • The durable and innovative plastic design with a chrome finish and a nice decor.


  • Reduced water consumption
  • Handheld and overhead shower
  • Extra-long hose and mounting bracket
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Anti-clog nozzle to reduce mineral build-up


  • The hose is cheaply made
  • A bit smaller

Niagara N2517

Niagara N2517
Niagara N2517 (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.75
Type: Mount
Spray Pattern: 1
Material: Brass

While the above expensive American Standard product might not be everyone’s cup of tea, let us compensate that for you by bringing the most affordable Niagara N2517 Fixed-Mount Showerhead with a 1.75 GPM flow rate and internal pressure compensator for keeping the water coming even when the source water pressure is low.

If you have been someone who had faced problems with 1.5 GPM being too slow or 2.0 or above being too fast, the 1.75 GPM flow rate option is something middle and might be perfect for your liking. However, it only brings one spray option that can limit things, but that’s what we get in this price range, at least.

But, if you are too generous to overlook that, we can vouch for the product’s durability since it has been designed so well, offering you 10 years of limited warranty. With this innovative design, you are in for a powerful and consistent flow while taking a shower leaving you relaxed and feeling well.

Niagara N2517 Fixed-Mount Showerhead is also very easy to install correctly according to the American plumbing standards. If you are someone ordering from the United States, you wouldn’t have to pay for extra plumbing costs since you would already have that done in your bathroom.

This best low-flow showerhead could have earned itself better ranks, though if only it had introduced more than just one spray mode. However, if you are someone who likes it direct and powerful, it will be a great option since there is no doubt about the product’s power and consistency.

Also, being a fixed-mount showerhead, you can’t adjust the angle while showering, which puts further limitations and is certainly not flexible enough.

Why Should I Buy Niagara Fixed-Mount Showerhead?

  • An affordable showerhead option with a powerful and consistent water flow.
  • One of the best high-pressure shower heads you can buy this year.
  • An easy-to-install shower head that asks for no extra plumbing work at all.
  • The internal pressure compensate for a constant and powerful flow all the time.


  • Easy installation
  • Powerful and consistent
  • A durable showerhead design
  • No pre-plumbing required
  • The most affordable showerhead


  • Only one spray mode
  • The showerhead angle can’t be adjusted

Danze D460047

Budget Pick
Danze D460047
Danze D460047 (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 2
Type: Fixed
Spray Pattern: 3
Material: Brass

It feels great to introduce a unique product that is quite unlike the traditional product and a perfect contender for the best low-flow shower head. We are talking about Danze D460047 Boost Three Function Showerhead that comes with the Air Injection Technology for a smooth and strong shower experience in 2023.

We often face low water pressure problems from the source, and while that is the case, a regular shower will fail to give a satisfying morning shower. However, not Danze D460047 Boost Three Function Showerhead since it optimizes the water flow and improves its intensity for a relaxing and robust feel.

Depending on your preference for a refreshing shower, this Danze Shower Head brings all three 1.75 GPM, 2 GPM, and 2.5 GPM options with negligible differences in price. Not just the power but also the design is impressive that this brand executes with sheer perfection.

While it doesn’t drop the water pressure, it allows any family of 4 to 5 persons to save at least 20 to 30 gallons of water with the conservative flow design that keeps the water usage minimal without affecting the pressure at all, taking care of both needs at the same time.

Danze D460047 Boost Three Function Showerhead features dual-valve technology specializing in maintaining water pressure while switching between different spray modes. As for the spray modes, we finally get the rainfall, full-body, and pulsating massage modes in a low-flow showerhead.

Besides the increased price range that varied depending on which pressure variant you order, Danze D460047 Boost Three Function Showerhead is an excellent choice both in terms of showering performance and water-saving design that is exactly what we need for the best low flow shower head in these times.

Why Should You Buy Danze D460047 Boost Showerhead?

  • You can change the spray modes without water pressure loss with its dual valve technology.
  • The height of the showerhead can be adjusted making it perfect for any family.
  • Offers great quality in terms of material and shower performance with different flow rates.
  • The Air Injection Technology for a smooth and strong showering experience.


  • Durable and innovative design
  • Great pressure maintenance
  • All three flow rate editions
  • Pressure optimization from low-flow source
  • Easy assembly and installation


  • A bit overpriced
  • The hose could be longer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Lowest GPM In A Showerhead?

Bricor’s Ultra Max 100 Shower Head has the lowest GPM that delivers the highest performance in this low-pressure range among all the options that are available in the market.

Do Low Flow Shower heads Save Water?

The low-flow shower heads save water up to 40%, which is one of the significant purposes behind these products’ design. However, if you stay in your shower for too long, the water-saving ratio would decrease.

How Do I Know If My Shower head Is Low Flow?

If you don’t already know the specs, hold a gallon under your shower and notice the time until it fills to determine whether you have a low or high-flow showerhead because a low flow showerhead fills the gallon in 24 seconds or more.


We hope that this buying guide helps you find the best low flow shower head for your shower system based on the detailed reviews of the features.

In the end, it all comes down to the personal choice depending on how much water pressure you prefer and also the budget you have got for buying a showerhead right now.

Our two recommendations are the Waterpik, and Danze Low Flow Shower Heads, having plenty of flow rate options with significant results showing improved water-saving for families.

If we missed out on any vital query, leave us that alongside your feedback, and our experts on Bath Hour will get back to you as soon as possible.

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