Best Shower Head For Handicapped 2023

Showering every day in the morning and then after work is a fun and relaxing thing. However, it can get tricky for physically disabled people to use the casual showers we usually have.

Due to their exceptional condition, it requires more flexibility and ease of use. If you are one of them, you might be looking for the best shower head for handicapped.

At a Glance:

To meet the requirements mentioned above in a showerhead, we have discovered a few products.  They are second to none with long stretchable hoses, pause controls, and easy tool-free installation. Also, making the process very accessible to the disabled.

Besides ensuring these features in a showerhead, we have tried to balance the luxurious and best budget showerheads for the handicapped. There are options available for both people with good and limited buying power.

Also, coming ahead is a comparison of the materials, spray modes, and prices. Here you can easily find the best shower head for handicapped people in 2023.

Best PickWaterPik SM 653 CG
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Staff PickMoen DN8001CH
Check Price
Budget PickHauSun
Check Price
DreamSpa 3-way
Check Price
ShowerMaxx Handheld
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WaterPik SM 653 CG

Best Pick
Waterpik SM 653 CG
Waterpik SM 653 CG (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 2.5
Spray Pattern: 6
Type: Wall Mounted/ Handheld
Material: Chrome

A shower head that’s most suitable for older or handicapped people should have maximum flexibility, easy to clean design, and an easy position.

At this time, Waterpik SM 653 CG 2.5 GPM Original Massage is the top choice. It delivers all three and brings that at a price the elders can afford.

In addition, Waterpik Shower Head comes with six spray settings, including the original massage shower, pulsating, rainfall, full-body, and water-saving settings. It can bring different showering experiences that would be new every time you are in it.

Both at 1.8 or 2.5 GPM that are the available flow rates modes available, the Optiflow technology keeps the water at maximum flow, bringing a soothing experience for the users looking forward to having a massage-like experience.

Indeed, flexibility is one of the most important aspects. We have to look for the best shower head for the handicapped. Since it ensures ease of use. Our product in discussion does this by bringing flexibility for the users with a 5-foot shower hose.

This wide base opens the door to more benefits, making the showering process easier for kids and pets since it enables assisted showering.

Also, to help the kids, handicapped, and older people, the Waterpik Shower Head’s angle bracket allows straightforward adjustment.

Instead of just claiming the heavy-duty performance, the Waterpik Shower Head brings a 2.5 GPM mode that allows you to enjoy fast and easy body rinsing without having to spend extra time in the shower.

This robust showerhead brings a soothing feel to your tensed muscles, making you feel better. However, it is not as wide as you might expect.

Why should you buy WaterPik Massage Handheld Shower Head?

  • A flexible shower head with easy angle bracket adjustment for handicapped
  • The showerhead by Waterpik is excellent when used for kids and pets bathing
  • 8 and 2.5 GPM power flow rates that bring a soothing and relaxing experience
  • The chrome finish brings you one of the most durable shower heads for the disabled


  • Refreshing and rejuvenating
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy angle adjustment
  • Ideal the disabled and older persons
  • Six spray modes


  • Not great compatibility with low water pressure

Moen DN8001CH

Staff Pick
Moen DN8001CH
Moen DN8001CH (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 2
Spray Pattern: 6
Type: Wall Mounted/ Handheld
Material: Chrome

Different brands have their unique ideas of making the user experience better, and so does Moen. So for the second pick, Moen Pause Control Hand-Held Shower felt like a good choice with a versatile design having the perfect chrome finish, pause control, and durability that will stay for years.

Though available at a significantly increased price, This Moen High-Pressure Shower Head comes with an 84-inch hose that removes your worry of a narrow one as in the previous product.

Also, to save on your water bills, it has introduced pause control to reduce and increase water flow.

What makes Moen Pause Control Hand Held Shower the best shower head for the handicapped? Is that it comes with a 7-foot long flex hose that can be stretched far and make the showering process easier for people who can only bathe while sitting.

Moreover, if you have previously installed other Moen bathroom accessories at your home, the compatibility will be perfect with the current décor making things easier. The chrome finish’s mirror-like look adds to that beauty that is an ideal synchronization of various decors.

Undoubtedly, finding the balance between safety and practicality is one thing that is hard to achieve for brands. However, the Moen Shower Head executes that perfectly with its exclusive pause control and features for the hose, allowing versatility to customize your shower time.

It’s been designed, keeping in mind the ease for both disabled persons and their caretakers with an extra-long hose.

Apart from this, a caretaker can use it even when they are sitting. Also, there shall be no hassle, and even beginners can do it with ease when it comes to product installation.

Although it is a bit more expensive than the previous product. However, it is justified given the better features.  Especially, the wider hose and on/off button.

Why Should I Buy This Shower Head?

  • Moen Pause Control Hand Held Shower follows the safety-first policy for its users.
  • Perfect execution of easy pause controls and hose features for your ease.
  • The Moen Shower Head is a long-lasting product with a chrome finish for durability.
  • It has a versatile design that goes ideally with any prior Moen bathroom decor.


  • The sturdy build
  • Extra-long hose
  • Easy to install
  • Pause control
  • Innovative design


  • Expensive
  • Prone to leakages


Budget Pick
HauSun Handheld
HauSun Handheld (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 2
Spray Pattern: 5
Type: Handheld
Material: Brass/ Chrome Finish

Absolutely, an on/off switch is great accessibility that is a must-have, especially when we aim to enjoy our showers while looking forward to preserving water and reducing water bill costs. Even though it was expensive to get in the previous product, HauSun Handheld Shower Head is still the best luxury shower head at an affordable price.

In my opinion, under a very fair price and material grade offering the right quality product, HauSun Handheld Shower Head brings 5 spray modes including saturating, massaging, bubbling, and two different combinations that open doors to a new and refreshing shower experience every day.

Like any right product shall offer, the HauSun Handheld Shower Head will make the installation hassle-free for its customers with an innovative design compatible with most systems. Since you can install it yourself, cutting put professional help will save you more money.

However, besides all these great features, it becomes the best shower head for the handicapped by bringing a 6.5-inch extra-long hose that can be stretched for a comfortable shower experience. The flexibility is also best with this hose that allows you to bathe while sitting and standing.

Furthermore, the pause control HauSun Handheld Shower Head will save a lot on your electricity bills since now you don’t have to keep the water running while applying the cosmetics. This feature alone is enough to make you feel good about yourself since you help in water preservation.

HauSun Handheld Shower Head is universally compatible with all shower plumbings with a few minor exceptions easy to tackle. If there weren’t a few durability concerns given the less sturdy design than the previous picks, this sure would have ranked higher.

Following, it is not as durable as others and the on/off switch isn’t as easy to use when the water pressure is high that might lead to a bit of user inconvenience.

Why Should You Buy HauSun Handheld Shower Head?

  • One of the greater showerhead replacements especially for the handicapped.
  • This showerhead is universally compatible that fits well with all shower systems.
  • Brings a soothing experience for sore muscles especially for people with recent surgeries.
  • The length of the hose is very ideal that gives plenty of flexibility of use to the users.


  • Excellent water flow
  • Great accessibility
  • Pause control present
  • Five spray modes
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Not very durable
  • Difficult on/off at high pressure

DreamSpa 3-way

DreamSpa 3-way
DreamSpa 3-way (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 2.5
Spray Pattern: 7
Type: Wall Mounted/ Handheld
Material: Stainless Steel/ Brass

The shower heads with slide bars are another ideal way of achieving high accessibility. This becomes even more true to life for the disabled or handicapped people and for that, we shall introduce our next pick i.e. DreamSpa 3-way Shower Slide Bar.

An instant and easy to mount shower head. It requires no further drill. DreamSpa Shower Slide Bar makes your life more comfortable with a 3-way combo of a handheld. Overhead, and slide bar shower head, add more accessibility with all the adjustment options.

Yes, with the new angle patented bracket, you can adjust the shower head’s position as much as possible to direct all the flow on yourself and make the maximum out of your morning shower. This will leave you with a relaxing feel and give instant relief from all the muscle soreness after a job or workout.

DreamSpa 3-way Shower Slide Bar is the best shower head for the handicapped when it comes to all the spray options it can bring to your bathroom. It has seven of them, including the power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-Mist, rain/mist, and a few of their combinations that deliver an equally fantastic performance.

Besides bringing so much flexibility and ease of use, DreamSpa 3-way Shower Slide Bar is second to none in terms of luxury and convenience, thanks to the innovative design that offers versatility. Even though the price is higher, this much luxury and quality are worth it.

As we would have expected from a brand like this, this DreamSpa Shower Head allows an easy tool-free installation. This is even easier when your shower system is from the same manufacturer since it then enhances the compatibility between the two.

However, even with all of that luxury and accessibility, DreamSpa 3-way Shower Slide Bar doesn’t like much of a durable product that is poorly designed in terms of sturdiness with cheap quality materials used in the finish.

Why Should I Buy This Shower Head?

  • A luxurious shower experience with overhead, handheld, and slide bar options.
  • It has seven spray modes, both individual and in combos, for a perfect experience.
  • A fast and easy-to-install with no tools or professional help required at all.
  • An innovative design that enables maximum accessibility to the disabled persons.


  • Plenty of flow patterns
  • A 3-way shower head
  • Great spray mode combinations
  • Tool-free installation


  • Not durable
  • Lack of sturdiness makes it an expensive deal

ShowerMaxx Handheld

ShowerMaxx Handheld
ShowerMaxx Handheld (Image credit: Amazon)
Flow Rate(GPM): 2
Spray Pattern: 5
Type: Wall Mounted/ Handheld
Material: Plastic/ Stainless Steel Hose

It isn’t easy to achieve all the luxury, accessibility, and durability under the usual thirty-buck package. Adding more to that could bring you ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Shower Head, another best shower head for the handicapped, and an epitome of durability and sturdiness with all necessary showerhead features that suit everyone.

Since it had been a significant issue with the previous products, let us talk about durability, first made evident by the brushed nickel finish of this ShowerMaxx Shower Head. Also, much hard work has been seen to put in the manufacturers’ designs that makes buying this product worth buying.

This showerhead offers a lifetime warranty bringing the ultimate peace of mind that you might already be feeling just by reading this. Plus, you get excellent customer support even after months of use when faced with various product complications.

Of course, there are plenty of spray modes, some of them being the power spray mode for relaxing your muscles, and others are high pressure and shampoo modes. The overall build is made of solid ABS construction that offers excellent heat resistance and is here to last for years.

ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Shower Head is pretty effective at saving water. One of the shower heads with removable flow restrictors already installed in the showerhead reduces unnecessary water flow. Also, you can adjust the intensity of the flow with the smartly engineered nozzles in the design.

The only flaw about the product will be its bad hose design and quality that isn’t as durable as the rest of the build and many users had to replace it after a few weeks of use. The longevity furthers gets hurt by the plastic head that might not long in a few shower systems.

Why Should You Buy ShowerMaxx Handheld Shower Head?

  • The easy tool-free installation saving plenty of your costs on professional help.
  • A high-pressure shower head with six spray modes both individual and combos.
  • The stretchable and long hose makes it very accessible to the disabled people.
  • Great for both home and commercial including RVs, camp, and sports facilities.


  • Flow restrictors for saving water
  • Easy shower head adjustment
  • A long and stretchable hose
  • An easy-to-install design


  • Poor quality hose
  • Plastic showerhead


Finally, our emphasis is on flexibility and ease of use. It doesn’t undermine the importance of other features like spray modes and durability at all.  However, to meet special people’s showering needs, we find this product the best.

In the end, it all comes to personal preferences. That may vary depending on your budget, type of disability, and the existing shower plumbing in your bathroom.

Being better at flexibility and sturdiness, Waterpik and DreamSpa Shower Heads are our top recommendations.  Undoubtedly it would help if you bought it.

Also, read the reviews and check the comparison table thoroughly to help yourself buy the best shower for handicapped persons from our list.

More of your queries were answered, and if we left out some of them, you could ask them in the comments section alongside your most appreciated feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Look For In The Best Shower Head For Handicapped?

It would be best if you had more flexibility in a showerhead for the handicapped than the usual ones. The hose should be longer and more stretchable, making it easier for disabled people to use it while sitting and standing. Also, the shower head’s angle adjustment should be made more convenient.

Which Material Is Best For Shower Head Construction?

There are plenty of suitable materials, including chrome, stainless steel, and other metals, to make shower heads since they offer more durability and sturdiness.

Is A Dual Shower Head Good In The Best Shower Head For Handicapped?

It depends on the space in your existing shower plumbing, so if you have more of it in your current shower system, you can install a dual shower head as well.

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