Best Shower Head to Save Water 2023

While water preservation is one of our most important responsibilities as moral beings, it is also too essential regarding our financial health. So if you like to spend more time in a high-pressure shower, the thoughts of water wastage and expensive water bills would be stressful making your shower more hectic than being a fun thing it really is.

To avoid that, for someone who likes to take regular showers in the morning, after work, and sports, there are several solutions that you can adapt.

At a Glance:

One of them is replacing your current high-powered shower head with the one that has a low flow rate feature so even if you spend more time there, the water consumption will be minimal.

best shower head to save water

Here, a problem that may arise is that low water pressure also spoils the fun and takes away that relaxing and massage-like experience that people look forward to.

All of these factors combined can give you a headache if you are looking forward to buying the best shower head to save water so let us help you with that.

Today, we are doing reviews of the 5 best shower heads to save water to make a comparison of all the high-quality versus best budget shower head options that are available for the users in the market.

Having mentioned the issue and our plan to solve it, let us proceed to the comparison table and reviews to help you choose the best shower head to save water in 2023.

Our Recommendations For Best Shower Head To Save Water 2023

Best PickShowerMaxx
Check Price
Staff PickHigh Sierra's
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Budget PickNiagara Fixed-Mount
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American Standard FloWise
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New Resources Spray Clean
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Best Pick
ShowerMaxx Shower Head - Best Shower Head 2020
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.5-2
Type: Wall-Mounted/ Handheld
Spray Pattern: 6
Material: Polished Chrome Plated Premium ABS

ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Hand Held Shower Head is our second pick and while it leaves a great deal of concern regarding its plastic build that justifies the durability claim at all, it is a nice alternative for those with a small showerhead budget but those who required all the features as well.

Right at your doorstep, the ShowerMaxx Handheld Shower Head brings six different spray options providing a variety of solutions for everyone’s showering needs in your family. Among these, there are high and low water pressure option for both a powerful shower and to save water as well.

The product uses the heat-resistant ABS construction that gives the impression that the product would at least for a few years. Well, that doesn’t seem to be true given that there are plenty of complaints about it breaking sooner than, a careful user could turn that over.

Anyway, despite all the durability concerns, this product is a complete package that brings all six spray options. Those include power, high-pressure, shampoo, high-pressure + power, and water saver. This last one is what we are looking for here and the manufacturer delivers it well.

The best shower head to save water would also focus more on an easy user experience. For that, it introduces an ergonomic 6 spray settings controller for easy switching, a highly precise jet nozzle for powerful self-cleaning without worrying about BPA, and a mesh filter to keep the sediments away from your body.

The durability and compatibility flaws with different shower systems are things that are making people despise the product. However, if you want to grab it and you might want to do given its affordable price range, do make sure that it is compatible with your current shower system.

Why Should You Buy ShowerMaxx Shower Head?

  • A smart shower head design with all necessary features required for a powerful shower.
  • It is easy-to-install and you will require no professional help at all saving costs.
  • The price is fair that gives good quality versus the asking price in the market.
  • An easy-to-use product with a mesh filter to keep the sediments away.


  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Water filtering
  • A water-saving design


  • Cheap build
  • Less durable

High Sierra’s

Staff Pick
High Sierra’s Solid Metal Handheld Shower Head Kit
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.5
Type: Wall-Mounted/ Handheld
Spray Pattern: 5
Material: Metal

Any handheld shower head with a flow rate as low as 1.5 GPM is going to save plenty of water given that it is being used for an optimal showering time. However, what makes High Sierra’s Solid Metal Handheld Shower Head special in this regard is the quality of the build and powerful shower.

Though low water pressure doesn’t mean that your shower will be not strong or less invigorating. The High Sierra’s Solid 1.5 GPM high-efficiency low flow showerhead, even with low water pressure, ensures a powerful showering experience, all thanks to large droplets coming out of the spray.

The flow rate of 1.5 GPM, as suggested by experts, is more than enough for soothing water while saving water and heating energy at the same time. Looking from all angles, this seems like the perfect choice to have for a minimalist yet powerful shower system.

Another feature that strengthens High Sierra’s product as the best shower head to save water is the push-button control for shutting the valve on and off. So while you are applying soap and shampoo, the water doesn’t have to be running which leads to further wastage.

The High Sierra’s Solid Metal Handheld Shower Head design execution is very impressive with a solid metal construction becoming an epitome of sturdiness and durability. Moreover, the design discourages mineral clogging in the showerhead reducing maintenance costs.

Also, it is regardless of the fact whether you are using soft or hard water, the experience should stay the same with this patented showerhead that is certainly one of the best we have seen this year.

As a result, what you get are large high-energy water droplets that deliver an invigorating showering experience while ensuring the complete rinsing of cosmetics applied to the skin. Though these minor issues do not affect its position as the best shower head to save water.

Why Should You Buy High Sierra’s Shower Head?

  • Completely removes the user skepticism about what the best shower head to save water is.
  • The 1.5 GM flow rate for saving water and energy while still providing a powerful shower.
  • The solid metal construction for a long-lasting experience and less post-maintenance costs.
  • No mineral clogging whatsoever with its smart and patented US-made showerhead design.


  • Durable metal construction
  • The water-saving design
  • Invigorating bath experience
  • Push-button control
  • Slip-free rubber grip


  • Requires professional help for installation

Niagara Fixed-Mount

Budget Pick
Niagara Fixed-Mount Showerhead - Best 1.5 GPM Shower Head 2020 - Amazon's Choice
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.5
Type: Wall-Mounted
Spray Pattern: 2
Material: Plastic

Getting a shower head with a pressure compensator could one of the best things you should be doing, especially when saving water is your priority. Keeping that in mind, we are bringing Niagara Water-saving Shower Head as the best 1.5 GPM showerhead and patented pressure compensator.

Now, what most people prefer is a complete shower head system with different spray options, advanced user interface, and whatnot, it is also true that not everyone would have a budget for that and this is where this 11-dollar product saves the day for people.

Besides saving water and keeping the pressure maintained for users, Niagara Water-saving Shower Head is a product that was built keeping a user’s convenience in mind. For that, it has a rubber spray nozzle that makes the cleaning process easier during post-maintenance.

Depending on how you like your shower to be, there are plenty of customization options for the users. Those may include the adjustable angle of the mount that is made possible by installing a 360 ball joint swivel that makes the adjustment possible and deliver the required experience.

As for the spray pattern, what you get are conical and symmetrical streams that are to most people’s liking and this is why the option works for most users. Moreover, the holes are so well-spaced that it delivers even coverage of water spread throughout your body.

This Niagara Water-saving Shower Head deserves the rank on this for the best shower to save water because of the 1.5 GPM flow rate that maintains the pressure while still delivering the required soothing shower that is powerful enough to ensure easy soap and shampoo rinsing from your hair.

Also, because of the water saver shower head removal, it might choke the flow over time, however, with some smart plumbing, you can resolve that issue as well. Otherwise, this is perhaps the best solution for saving water instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new shower systems.

Why Should You Buy Niagara Fixed-Mount Shower Head?

  • The 1.5 GPM flow ensures that you save 2200 gallons of water every year.
  • It is easy to install, however, you might need some professional help.
  • The cleaning is made even easier by the rubber spray nozzles.
  • The adjustable angle and a 360 ball joint swivel is present for that.


  • Great water-saving showerhead
  • Adjustable angle
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • 5 GPM flow rate


  • It might choke flow to crawl with time
  • Spray pattern needs improvement

American Standard FloWise

American Standard FloWise Showerheads - Best Water Saving Shower 2020
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.5 & 2
Type: Wall-Mounted
Spray Pattern: 3
Material: Polished Chrome

While lowering the water flow rate might not work always, what our fourth pick American Standard 3-Function Water Saving Shower does is even better and it is the combination of low water pressure with the exclusive turbine technology to save water and keep the shower empowered at the same time.

American Standard 3-Function Water Saving Shower features three spray functions including the turbine, full spray, and a combination of both. While it may get a little overpowered at times, the automatic pressure-lowering brings it back to 1.5 GPM to cool things down.

All of these features result in at least 40% of water (8000 gallons) saving which is quite incredible. Also, while it is a different addition to what you previously had in your shower system, the experience can be tweaked for improvement by adjusting the showerhead according to your liking.

American Standard FloWise Shower works with any casual bathroom decor so you wouldn’t have to go miles with that overwork just to make it look blended in. It has a beautiful transitional style that was made keeping in mind the decor of the modern bathrooms.

As for the flow rate, the maximum you can get with this shower head is 2.0 GPM. However, while you are looking forward to saving water, running it at 1.5 GPM is recommended and with the turbine technology incorporated, you wouldn’t feel much difference in the shower anyway.

Also, the 2.0 GPM flow rate is only in operation when you are using the full spray mode of the showerhead. It is the same for the combination of the turbine and full spray mode, however, the default is 1.5 GPM with the auto-return feature of the product.

While it is pretty good, the auto-return feature can be a little bothering as well since you will need to activate it every time you are getting into the shower.

Why Should You Buy This Shower Head?

  • The best shower head to save water with 1.5 GPM auto-return and turbine technology.
  • Brings powered shower modes as well such as the turbine and full spray modes.
  • It’s been known to save at least 20 to 40 percent water that is 8,000 gallons roughly.
  • A combination of full spray and turbine mode at 2.0 GPM for overpowered showering.


  • Saves 40% water max
  • Easy flow rate switching
  • Low and high-pressure modes


  • Durability concerns
  • Not easy to install for amateurs

New Resources Spray Clean

New Resources Group Super Spray Shower Head - Best High Pressure Shower Heads 2020
Flow Rate(GPM): 1.5
Type: Wall-Mounted
Spray Pattern: 1
Material: Plastic

Doing very bad with your budget and looking forward to buying a cheap yet water-saving showerhead? We have got the answer for you and it comes from a place you might not have anticipated i.e. New Resources Group’s Water-Saving Shower Head.

Available under just 10 bucks and operating at a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, New Resources Group Water-Saving Shower Head is the cheapest product you can buy among the ones that are considered good quality and while doing poorly with the budget, this might be your best bet.

While it lacks a lot when it comes to the durable construction or premium spray modes that are usually a part of branded showerheads, it makes up for that with an easy-to-install and convenient post-maintenance that will significantly reduce your water bills.

New Resources Group Water-Saving Shower Head is designed in a way that makes it good for areas with hard water access. It doesn’t clog often and keeps the sediments away with a filter so that you can enjoy a less bothering shower experience.

Also, the New Resources Group Water-Saving Shower Head design’s whole focus is saving. Whether it is the buying price or the reduction of water and energy, you will be saving plenty of money while enjoying an invigorating and refreshing bath.

Besides maintaining the water pressure at 1.5 GPM for saving purposes, it maintains a constant water flow with the compensating flow controller installed in this showerhead. It even saves your money with the easy installation since you will not be requiring any help from a professional.

One of the flaws is that it is relatively small so you will need to do some tweaks in the current place of setting for your shower head.

Why Should You Buy New Resources Spray Clean Shower Head?

  • The best shower to save water and energy bills and still deliver a high-quality shower.
  • It is very easy to install and post-maintenance is also easy with rubber thermos jets.
  • The perfect shower head for areas that usually have hard water access.
  • A water-saving design operating at 1.5 GPM and maintaining a steady flow.


  • Easy installation
  • Constant flow rate
  • Affordable
  • No tool installation
  • Easy post-maintenance


  • Not very durable
  • Clogging more often


We hope that we helped in making the best shower head to save water choice for our users who came here looking for their water usage problem.

The likes of High-Sierra and American Standard Shower Heads are rarely found so these two would be our experts’ topmost suggestions for the buyers.

While there are plenty of recommendations from our side based on performance, quality, and price, make sure that you understand your own needs and then make the decision.

For that, a thorough read of the reviews and comparison between the product features is highly recommended.

If you still have unanswered queries that we might have missed in the reviews, leave them in the comments section alongside your most appreciated feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Water-saving Shower heads Work?

The shower heads designed for saving water usually work by restricting and limiting the flow of the water by keeping it minimal. The better models are those that perform this function while maintaining the shower experience invigorating.

Do Large Shower heads Use More Water?

No, the water use in a shower head depends on the water pressure channeling out of the showerhead. However, a larger showerhead does affect the pressure. By applying simple math; The same amount of water delivered across a bigger surface means less pressure.

How Can I Reduce Water Usage In My Shower?

Use the following tip to significantly reduce the water usage in your shower:
Keep the showerhead at a low flow rate value i.e. 1.5 GPM
Turn the shower off while applying soap and shampoo
Putting water in a bucket for bathing is another great solution

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