Best Shower Panel 2023

A best Shower panel is straightforward to set up and consume significantly less water to deliver the relaxing shower, putting less load on your water bills. That’s why they provide a better showering experience than shower heads. Also, the quality of a morning shower can make or break your whole day.

At a Glance:

While these little things matter a lot, getting the best shower panel becomes essential. However, how good a product you will be buying depends on how much you know about these.

Here, we are writing these detailed and informative reviews to bring you the best shower panels. The reviews discuss their various components, including the showerhead, jet sprays, and massage sprays.

Some shower panels, even though expensive, bring a combination of these must-have features to bring you the ultimate experience.  They could leave you feeling well relaxed for work or sleep at the end of the day.

So whether you need to do a shower panel upgrade or the complete bathroom renovation, we shall be of reasonable assistance to you.

Our Recommendations For Best Shower Panel With Jets 2023

Best PickELLO & ALLO
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Staff PickBlue Ocean SPA392M
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Budget PickPULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH
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Valore VS-1205
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Best Pick

With three shower modes including the rain, massage, and waterfall settings, ELLO & ALLO LED Shower Panel Tower System is just the perfect start for shower snobs who were longing for a relaxing yet well-pressured shower experience.

Also, if a shower upgrade has been long due now, this could be the perfect way to go with a handful of features such as temperature control, timer, LED lights, and a large display panel.

What’s good about this feature combination is that it gives you a spa-like experience, and frequently, it might eliminate the need for setting up a hot tub or spa at all.

Hence, when upgrading, we consider the ease of installation as one of the most important and deciding factors that you could do yourself while saving the plumbing costs.

As for the construction, this shower panel is well-constructed with stainless steel and brass, providing a durable and clean shower system at a price that you can afford.

The water pressure is the key for some shower lovers, and this is precisely why our best shower panel allows you to control that other than the apparent temperature control.

While most people would prefer it, this is not a handheld shower panel. However, we will also be bringing the best handheld shower head as well as an alternative.

This is a well-loaded yet still imperfect shower panel with a couple of flaws. One of them is the temperature is only shown in Celcius, while people who are used to Fahrenheit might not be okay with that.

Also, even though it is pretty easy to install, the instructions in the manual are confusing, so the DIY process can be a little difficult than what you might be expecting.

Why Should You Buy ELLO & ALLO Panel?

  • An affordable yet durable wall-mounted shower panel system with excellent features
  • A two-year product warranty that can be claimed at any time you see a fault
  • The most durable stainless steel brushing for a sturdy and well-build shower panel
  • This shower panel might eliminate the need for a spa saving a lot of your money


  • The durable materials
  • Good warranty provided
  • Rainfall, massage, and waterfall modes
  • Two massage jets for a relaxing experience


  • Only the Celcius temperature unit
  • The installation instructions are poor

Blue Ocean SPA392M

Staff Pick
Blue Ocean SPA392M

The Best Water Massage Experience’ is a phrase that best explains the Blue Ocean Shower Panel System that could’ve been the top pick if not for limited functionality caused by the only rainfall showerhead mode.

However, when you eliminate the need to have all three shower modes, this Blue Ocean Shower Panel System is everything you need with just the perfect water pressure with each function working at its best.

There is nothing quite like the Blue Ocean Shower Panel in terms of quality and durability backed by the Aluminum construction providing a sturdy yet lightweight panel that you get for the right upgrade.

A wall-mounted and handheld set, its massage panel has been designed for easy flat wall installation asking for no additional plumbing work than simple plug and use operation.

To enjoy a different shower experience every time, it comes with 8 adjustable nozzles, and this is where the phrase, as mentioned earlier, shows its real magic with the perfect water massage.

Though it still enables you to switch between the wall-mounted and handheld modes whenever you feel the need, it lacks very little room for criticism at this part.

Now users can control water pressure and temperature settings. See your current settings and change them. A display has the best temperature-pressure selection.

Blue Ocean has its share of flaws since it can be very noisy at times. However, for people who are merely feeling mesmerizing by the water massage, it is easy to ignore.

Also, the handheld showerhead doesn’t allow directional spraying. That is because of the preset angle that can’t be adjusted and might pose a bit of inconvenience on the user’s part.

Why Should You Buy Blue Ocean SPA392M Panel?

  • The 8 adjustable nozzles ensuring the best water massage experience ever
  • On-display temperature settings that can be changed for your shower needs
  • The easy switch between the spray settings in the handheld shower mode
  • An experience that answers people’s questions, i.e., is shower panels worth it?


  • The LED temperature panel
  • 8 adjustable nozzle
  • The spray settings can be changed
  • Features a tub spout as well
  • The durable aluminum design


  • It can be not quiet
  • Handheld lacks directional spraying

PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH

Budget Pick
PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH

Providing the completed handheld and surface-mounted shower solution with a 5-function hand shower, we feel immense joy in introducing you to the PULSE ShowerSpas Shower Panel System.

Though expensive, this is a great example to represent the simplicity of style yet bringing every necessary feature for long-lasting performance and minimal mineral formation.

You are excited to find out that the PULSE ShowerSpas Shower Panel System is pre-plumbed, saving plenty of the costs you might otherwise be spending on this particular thing.

With that, the shower panel system installation couldn’t be more comfortable with this system that even a beginner since no hard drilling job is required whatsoever.

As for the functionality, it has a 5-function hand shower that allows easy switching between the modes and stays durable with a large stainless steel hose.

The large 8-inch showerhead showers water in a way that gives the most mesmerizing shower experience you will ever have left you feeling relaxed at the end.

Moreover, besides the overall stainless steel build, the brass body construction brings a sturdy and durable shower panel system you can count on for years.

PULSE ShowerSpas Shower Panel System comes with plenty of useful accessories such as the soap dish, adjustable slide bar, and stainless steel hose, ensuring the long-lasting performance.

The flow rate is according to the standard rules with 2.5 GPM flowing all over your body hitting right in the feels, guaranteeing the day ahead will be awesome.

While the old models were great, the newer ones have witnessed a decline in the quality that raises a bit of concern, especially for the veteran fans of the brand.

Also, the pressure has been reduced which is not a welcome addition alongside the missing diverter handle from the box that needs to be put back soon.

Why Should You Buy PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH Panel?

  • Not your usual cheap and lightweight shower panel that doesn’t do any good
  • 5-function hand shower with jet, wide & jet, jet massage, and simple wide modes
  • The durable brass and ABS construction for long-lasting and unstoppable performance
  • Easiest to install with pre-plumbing already done by the manufacturer


  • Easy to install and use
  • 5-function hand shower
  • All three shower modes
  • Durable and lightweight panel
  • Easy switching between the functions


  • Low pressure in newer models
  • Missing diverter handle


Vantory Shower Panel

Vantory Shower Panel System also features the same three modes i.e., Rainfall, Waterfall, and Massage. However, it does ensure a better shower experience with three powerful massage jets enabling that much functionality.

Among one of the quality shower panels, it comes with an even better warranty of three years, adding to the customer trust in the manufacturer. Besides, it brings the functionality of both the wall-mounted and handheld showers, so that’s a plus.

The other top features of the Vantory Shower Panel System are an adjustable sliding pole, three function i-pole, and a control valve for switching between cold and hot water.

Besides the three massage jets, it has two separate body jets that operate at high-pressure for delivering the optimal experience for shower junkies that have supreme needs.

You will find the Vantory Shower Panel System packed inside a protected package of 7 layers to ensure that you receive the protected unbroken, joint issue with online purchases.

The hand shower has a simple knob for switching between the rainfall, massage, and waterfall modes, plus, the water pressure remains constant due to the independent functionality.

Moreover, both the angle and arm length of the shower panel is adjustable, and the 2.5 GPM smooth flow rate feels surprisingly good on the body.

As for the flaws, it has a few, especially the center jet stream that is a little too overpowered and could feel harsher instead of relaxing.

Also, you could overcome that by switching the knob to the right, and with that, it is easily among the top-rated shower wall panels you look forward to buying.

Why Should You Buy Vantory Panel?

  • 3 massage and 2 body jets for the most soothing shower experience ever
  • All three rainfall, waterfall, and massage shower modes at their best
  • The temperature and pressure control with easy-to-use controls for users
  • Brings both the wall-mounted and handheld functionality for your needs
  • A shower panel system that delivers great value for the money


  • Easy to install panel
  • Good value for the money
  • Easy controls for use
  • Temperature and pressure control
  • Smooth and durable construction


  • Overpowered center jet
  • Complex bracket installation

Valore VS-1205

Valore VS-1205 Simplicity Retrofit Shower Panel

Finally, our last choice for the best shower panels reviews is an unusual one. Still, it perfectly fits the scenario when people have an existing shower panel system, and all they need is a bit of enhancement.

Valore VS-1205 Simplicity Shower Panel is more a shower head replacement that is easy to install. It requires no drill or plumbing hassle and works with any faucet with a cold and hot water switching system.

Moreover, it features your required shower modes that suit different people, including the most demanded rainfall mode and the other two being waterfall and water massage modes.

As for the construction, it is one of the durable ones with an ABS finishing at the outer area in a set with 40 silicone nozzles bringing the most ergonomic shower experience.

So if you have a shower panel system installed with hot and cold shower modes, Valore VS-1205 Simplicity Shower Panel System does very little to change, and instead, it fits perfectly into that.

We don’t recommend this for buyers who do not have an existing shower system because, without that, they would have to go through all that trouble of doing the necessary pre-plumbing work for setting this up.

Also, it gives you the option to either making a drill hole for installation or altogether avoid that, given that it has a mounting bracket and 3M adhesive tape that make the installation job more manageable.

What we don’t like about the product is its poor management of the mineral build-up that leaves the need for regular showerhead cleaning.

Also, without the existing shower panel heating, especially one with a cold and hot water system, it may increase your upgrade costs a lot more.

Why Should You Buy Valore VS-1205 Panel?

  • Easy mounting bracket and 3M adhesive tape installation
  • The ergonomic shower experience with 40 jet nozzles
  • The ABS out finishing for a durable and long-lasting construction
  • The 3-way brass diverter that is easy to access for changing needs
  • A UPC-certified safe shower head with limited warranty


  • Easy installation and use
  • No pre-plumbing required
  • No drilling required either
  • Three different spray modes
  • Hand wand and body jet functions


  • The poor hose quality
  • Doesn’t come with a faucet

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Our Shower Panels Worth It?

Yes, shower panels are worth it since they are less expensive, easy to install, and might replace the need for a spa providing an economical water massage solution.

How Long Do Shower Panels Last?

The excellent quality shower panels, depending on your use and maintenance, are known to last at least 15 years before you will need to replace them.

Are Acrylic Shower Panels Good?

The acrylic shower panels can be a smart choice due to the slimmer design; however, they have a solid core making them ever heavier than the PVC panels.

How Do I Choose A Shower Panel?

By selecting the best material quality, ideal flow rate, bath spout, control panel, and shower heads, you might be able to choose the best shower panel for your bathroom.


Finally, we did our best to bring you a versatile list of best shower panels that perfectly befit the showering and massage needs of an ordinary user.

Before we check out, we leave Ello & Allo Shower Panel Systems as our top recommendations, given they have the best quality construction and potential for the most soothing massage you may experience ever.

However, a thorough review of all the products is a must thing to do before making your final choice because that would stay with you for years or might leave very soon.

For feedback and queries, please leave them in the comments section, and to read more exciting product reviews, visit Bath Hour’s homepage.

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