Best Shower Pans 2023

Complicated mortar-based installation, slippery surface, non-durable construction, and flexing, are all the problems you can face if you end up buying a substandard shower pan without doing some research before buying one. To help you with that, we are bringing this list of best shower pans. Also, for a shower base, it is always the foundation that has the potential of making or ruining the whole experience you’re are looking forward to having.

At a Glance:

To get yourself the best shower pan, the durability, slip-resistant design for a safe experience, and a leak-proof design are all the most important considerations you should be making.

Apart from this, failing to make the right choice could lead to a damaged shower base. It would be leaking all the time. Also, so much more to your maintenance costs.

However, we ensure to bring the most durable and cost-effective showering products. For example, the Kohler shower pan that is currently leading the market.

Our Recommendations For Best Shower Pans 2023

Best PickDreamLine SlimLine
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Staff PickKohler K-9026-47
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Budget PickLippert Components
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Swanstone Veritek
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DreamLine SlimLine

Best Pick
DreamLine SlimLine 34 in. Panel

DreamLine SlimLine is that mainstream product we all wish for our bathroom and still overlooks the gloom of shiny products in the market.

Especially, it has a lightweight fiberglass construction in the traditional white class color that is an epitome of durability and flexing with other colors available and depending on your bathroom’s decor.

DreamLine SlimLine comes with an open and effective drain system that will be subjected to minimal clogging. However, make sure that the useless debris doesn’t enter the hole.

The classic white, biscuit and black are the three color options provided for this low-profile threshold design of the DreamLine Base, making it one of the best shower pans.

Moreover, the drain location-based designs are also offered with drains being located on the center, left, and right sides, respectively, and you can choose whatever suits you.

This DreamLine Shower Base introduced the slip-grip technology, though it is no different from the scratch and slip-resistant design.

The base is made of the beautiful-looking non-porous acrylic that makes it easier for the shower pan to clean and maintain its beauty over the long course.

Also, don’t forget about the limited warranty offered by the DreamLine brand that ensures further security towards the brand that a user can feel.

Though you can be sure of the durability and safeguard, that is the foremost reason we recommended this first pair to our users.

However, buying DreamLine SLimLine will raise the need to hire a professional for installing the base since its design doesn’t allow for an easy beginner installation.

Also, even though this brand is more versatile with its design and color options, price improvement is long due for this shower base.

Why Should You Buy DreamLine SlimLine Shower Base?

  • A durable and lightweight fiberglass design that comes with minimal flexing
  • The slip and scratch-resistant well-constructed surface for years of safe use
  • Available of three colors and also three location-based drain designs
  • The low-profile threshold design for a minimalist person’s needs
  • The acrylic well-furnished surface that is easy to clean and looks beautiful


  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • The non-slip and easy maintenance floor
  • Quick yet professional installation system
  • Different color and drain location designs


  • Requires a professional for installation

Kohler K-9026-47

Staff Pick
Kohler K-9026-47

The enameled cast iron to ensure durability, a slip-resistant base for the user’s safety, and an impact-resistant easy to clean design, everything about Kohler Purist Shower Base seems just perfect.

This Kohler Shower Pan is easy to install in any bathroom. Even so, you can do it with a single threshold tile-in installation. It is easier for users to execute the job themselves without needing external help.

What attracted us most is the slip-resistant finish that enables the maximum safety of the users bringing a timeless experience. It makes it just ideal for your showering system.

The enameled cast iron finishing delivers the strength and durability you were looking forward to having from a top brand like Kohler that it indeed offers.

Besides being durable, it is not prone to damage or rusting, and if you are careful enough with the use, the leakage should be minimal even after a prolonged period of use.

What’s best about the almond color scheme is the uniqueness that gives your bathroom a different look and also the ability to hide the usual stains that would otherwise take a lot of your time for cleaning.

However, if the current setting of your bathroom is that traditional class white, there are other options available as well.

The 80% recycled cast-iron makes you feel right about being an environmentalist besides all the durability and strength that the material offers to your showering system.

Even when it comes to the stylish design, Kohler K-9026-47 isn’t far away from its competition with an attractive looking and smooth lined enamel surface that adds to the sophisticated look of your minimalist bathroom.

In short, the only flaw about the Kohler shower base is its incomplete finishing that has only been done on the front side that limits a few things for the user.

Also, a definite improvement in the price is long because it has put out the best models in the same price range.

Why Should You Buy Kohler K-9026-47 Shower Base?

  • The well-finished enameled cast iron is an epitome of strength and durability
  • The slip-resistant and smooth lined design for the user’s safeguard in the shower
  • The unique almond color-contrast giving your bathroom an exotic new look
  • The perfect tile floor alternative due to the slip-resistant design it offers


  • Easy to install and clean
  • The user-friendly design for installation
  • Completely slip-resistant and smooth
  • A color that looks well with your bathroom
  • The recycled cast iron used in the construction


  • The front side finished only
  • A bit expensive for an older model

Lippert Components

Budget Pick
Lippert Components

Lippert Components is our budget pick for the list and is known for its ABS construction that is much better than fiberglass and is perfect for bathroom and kitchen installation.

The ABS material that stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is much better at providing toughness than other materials like Fiberglass and cast iron.

Though this isn’t a shower base that we recommend as a first choice, it could certainly serve as an adequate replacement when you only need to replace the shower pan and not the complete system.

For the other 24 x 32 tubs, you will try to find a replacement. They are usually expensive, and you will need to relax your budget to find a decent alternative.

However, this is precisely the problem this Lippert Components solves by bringing these dimensions at an affordable price while maintaining strength and durability.

In short, the shower base isn’t much of a hassle when it comes to installation and maintenance since both jobs are straightforward to do, providing full value for the money.

Also, the installation still requires you to have moderate skill and prior experience since you will fit this shower pan into an existing system.

The Lippert Components design matches well with the interior and exterior stylish of your bathroom decor that is readily according to popular demand.

Why Should You Buy Lippert Components Shower Pans?

  • Requires moderate skill for installation but still very easy while replacing
  • One of the best showers pans replacements in this compact design range
  • An affordable shower base with ABS construction that is stylish and durable
  • A highly-recommended product as an alternative for a 24 x 32 base
  • The best solid surface shower base and also the best shower base for tiles


  • An affordable and stylish pan
  • Much better than fiberglass in strength
  • The enhancements are easier to make
  • Goes with the interior bathroom stylish
  • A nice slip-resistant providing safety


  • Not for beginner installation
  • Limited color options

Swanstone Veritek

Swanstone Veritek Right

While the other picks might be more versatile, the users generally despise any product that hurts user convenience and is not easy to install leading us to introduce Swanstone Veritek as one of the top picks.

Absolutely,  it has pretty standard features that are not uncommon, Swanstone Veritek’s ease of installation and limited warranty provides reasons good enough to make you consider this shower base.

However, what ranks it among one of the best shower pans is the non-slip, non-porous, and super-strength design making it a permanent member of your bathroom’s decor for a relaxing shower.

Though when it comes to the drain location and color options, Swanstone Veritek doesn’t offer much. However, the classic white and right-hand drain with perfect finish, and the bone color goes well with the current contrast of your bathroom to deliver the look you want.

In addition, the durability, impact, and heat-resistance are benefits of its sturdy Veritek material molded into an attractive bone color design that is easy to install and maintain.

Moreover, this shower base brings an affordable shower pan solution that could serve as an acceptable alternative to the expensive brands that came before on the list.

The Swanston Veritek is versatile that goes well with different baths, tubs, and any shower wall you are planning to install in your bathroom.

However, it does have a limitation that it requires a mortar to be installed first before you can install the shower pan in there.

Why Should You Buy Swanstone Veritek Right Shower Pan?

  • The Swanston Shower Base is straightforward to install and maintain for all users
  • The most durable, affordable, and non-porous shower pan you can find
  • The impact and wear-resistant material for long-lasting performance
  • The brand offers a limited lifetime warranty for their product
  • The installation is easy even for someone with limited experience with these


  • Well-finished and durable product
  • Well-placed and substantial drain
  • Easy to install and maintain shower pan
  • An affordable shower pan to buy
  • A safe, slip-resistant surface


  • Needs a mortar for installation

BestBath 30×30

Best Bath 30×30 Shower Base – Best Shower Pans 2020

BestBath 30×30 Shower Pan takes the textured surface approach for bringing the promised safety to provide resistance against slipping in the shower, making it another of our great choices for the list of best shower pans.

Whether it is the first installation point or the post maintenance of this BestBath 30×30 pan, everything seems to fall in place with its simple one-day installation package.

A durable Gelcoat and fiberglass construction that comes with a slip-resistant textured surface for maximum safety of the users in the shower is what makes it an excellent product.

Also, the proof of durability comes from the waterproof and leakproof design with other abilities like impact and scratch resistance making the shower base last longer.

These points of strength and resistance against any external factor are reasons behind our experts recommending this shower pan so often to the buyers.

Moreover, besides its other benefits, this shower pan can fit in small spaces due to its compact and smart design for people who haven’t got much space left for a shower system in their bathroom.

Its impact-resistant and watertight seal design have a goal of lasting for years, making it a lifetime product with minimal hassle for users as compared to its competition.

Especially useful for people who like keeping a minimalist set up at their homes, whether for their bedrooms or the attached bathrooms within.

However, one of its significant pros also serves as a con, and that is the compact design that fits into smaller spaces but is of no use when you want to install a bigger shower system.

As for the rest, the manufacturer stays true to its claim of beautiful design and durable shower base that you can count on for years.

Why Should You Buy BestBath 30×30 Shower Base?

  • The perfect fiberglass and Gelcoat construction with ideal finishing
  • An epitome of strength, sturdiness, and impact-resistant for long-lasting performance
  • The installation and post-maintenance is easier even in the compact space
  • Fits perfectly well in small bathrooms with its compact design
  • The textured surface for providing maximum slip-resistance


  • Stain-resistant and watertight design
  • The sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy one-day installation
  • No mortar is required for installation


  • Only for small spaces though


Therefore,  shower pan prices depend on the material used in the making of the product. So, in the end, most people will likely be making their decision based on what material they can afford.

Most materials such as ABS, Fiberglass, and cast iron offer equal damage and leak protection, though Cast Iron & ABS is the best for overall sturdiness and finishing.

Based on that, DreamLine SlimLine is our top recommendation. You can use it as your best shower pans choices.

For further unanswered queries, please leave us your feedback and keep visiting Bath Hour for more exciting product reviews and guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Material For A Shower Pan?

ABS and Fiberglass are the best materials for a shower pan because they are durable and provide great impact-resistance. The cast iron material is also recommended.

What Is The Difference Between A Shower Pan And A Shower Base?

The shower base is the structure underneath the shower. But a shower pan is the existing shower floor you stand on.

Is A Shower Base Better Than Tiles?

Since a shower base is cheaper and ensures easy maintenance, it is a better choice for your bathroom than tiles, expensive and difficult to clean.

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