Black Friday Hot Tub Deals 2021 – Top 30 Hot Tubs For Cyber Monday Sales

black friday hot tub dealsHot tubs are one of the expensive products that are sold at more than 50% discounted price on Black Friday!

So, if you can’t afford to buy such luxury products at their original cost, now is the time to break the glass!

If you are looking for the list of black Friday hot tub deals, then congrats! You have come to the right spot!

Black Friday – a day for which millions of people wait for 364 days every year!

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It is the time when millions of items sold with overall transactions of billions of dollars all around the world!

It’s the time when everyone’s wallets are wide open to get maximum advantage of discounted deals!

If you ever shopped on Black Friday, you would have already known its importance. No one can find such discounted prices on any day other than Black Friday!

Where customers can buy the products they lust for the whole year at huge discounted products, retailers can get hundreds of sales!

So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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Black Friday 2021

There is gossip going around that due to state-wise lockdowns, people won’t be able to avail Black Friday deals on local stores this year.

Although these are false rumors, still, if that’s the case with local stores, then worry no more!

Amazon Black Friday deals are always there for you!

Right after Thanksgiving days, on 27th November 2021, come black Friday when we see a significant drop in prices on nearly all listings on amazon, and that’s the right time for you to grab a black Friday hot tub deals!

Cyber Monday 2021

Right after two days, on 30th November, will come Cyber Monday!

Now, this is your second opportunity in a single week to get an impressive Cyber Monday inflatable hot tub deals!

Cyber Monday would be your last chance to get a hot tub at a discounted price after Black Friday hot tub deals 2021.

If you miss both chances, you’ll have to wait for another long year, so better list the things you want to buy on this year’s Black Friday sales beforehand!

Best Black Friday Hot Tub Deals 2021

You don’t need to rush towards your local stores and to wait for your turn while standing in a long queue.

Thanks to amazon Black Friday hot tubs deals–you can grab a deal while sitting at the comfort of your home!

Buying products online will save both your time and money as you would have plenty of options to buy from that aren’t limited to amazon only!

But beware of scammers on black Friday as they are pretty active on such occasions with their mind-blowing fraudulent discounted deals!

Our recommendation would be to pick a deal from Amazon instead of any other local store as you’ll be getting security on your purchase!

We will enlist the best Black Friday hot tub deals later in the article. But before that, let’s talk about how amazon deals work!

How Do Amazon Deals Work?

Amazon entertains its customer with two types of deals on Black Friday – Deal of the day and lightning deals!

The first one, as the name shows, is the fixed discounted priced deals on certain products. They remain the same for the whole day!

The latter one is more interesting as these are significant discounts that keep on updating every five minutes!

Our recommendation would be to keep on checking the lightning deals as these are huge discounts on very few products that are limited in quantity, and they are available for a limited time only!

But, Black Friday hot tub deals aren’t available on Amazon only. Many other online retail stores sell discounted cheap hot tubs on black Friday.

Let’s discuss a few of them!

Where Can You Find the Black Friday Hot Tub Deals Online?

Apart from Amazon, you can get Black Friday hot tub deals on most of the retailers, including a home depot, hot tub store, aqua living stores, and lowes.

These are a few of the hundreds of options to find Black Friday deals at a pretty discounted price.

But, do all these sources reliable?

Yes, they are, and you would get brilliant customer support and quick delivery on your purchase with most of them!

But, no brand matches Amazon with its brilliant customer support, on-time quick shipment, money-back guarantee, good return policy, and immediate warranty assistance!

So, our recommendation would be to stick with Amazon to buy cheap hot tubs on black Friday.

Here, I have shortlisted a few of the highly discounted hot tub deals on specific products provided by the five leading tub manufacturing brands last year. So, one can expect them to drop their price this year as well massively!

Our effort will cut down the time you would be spending to find black Friday hot tub deals!

Without further due, let’s discuss them one by one!

Just a reminder, pay special attention, and don’t miss your chance of picking the right black Friday jacuzzi sale this year!

Essential Hot Tubs Black Friday Deals

You can select below mentioned black Friday hot tub deals provided by Essential on its products

Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide  

Essential Hot Tubs AdelaideWith 30 adjustable stainless steel jets, 5-6 people can comfortably take a bath in this tub for relaxing, passive therapy.

With a single touch on a button, one can shift to invigorating massage settings to unwind muscles in minutes.

A balboa Spa heater is integrated that makes the tub usable for whole year enjoyment!

With insulated cover for its protection against surrounding pollution and safety locking clips, this unit is best for a big family.

This is a plug and plays hot tub with an adjustable jet pressure, and you can place this hot tub on any surface, including dirt, pavers, deck, gravel, or concrete.

buy from amazon

Essential Hot Tubs Calypso 

Essential Hot Tubs CalypsoThis unit has a capacity for 6-7 people perfect for a big family.

With 100 adjustable jets, it can operate at easy to change passive therapy and invigorating massage settings.

With 12 neck & shoulder jets and 20 leg and foot jets, there is an additional captain’s chair installed in the unit for back massage.

Just like its other types, this unit also comes with a balboa heater for year-round enjoyment, cover for protection against pollution, and safety locking clips.

With the integration of the Bluetooth sound system, you can have a lovely bath while enjoying music.

Out of all essential hot tubs, this unit would be the best among other black Friday hot tub deals provided by them.

buy from amazon

Essential Hot Tubs Polara 

Essential Hot Tubs PolaraWith 34 stainless steel adjustable jets and 16 fixed jets, this SPA can accommodate 5-6 persons.

For its installation, our recommendation is to hire a certified electrician.

Being manufactured in the US by following all standards, its Balboa heater will make the tub usable for all seasons.

Just like its other types, insulated cover and safety clips are in this unit as well. They protect the unit when not in use.

For a full body massage, soak yourself into a therapy seat, and for passive therapy use a lounger or grab a built-in captain’s chair.

Don’t worry about the terms as they are well explained in their instructional manual.

buy from amazon

Essential Hot Tubs Devotion Spa 

Essential Hot Tubs Devotion SpaThis small hot tub comes with a contour style seating for 2-3 people and operates at two different modes; passive therapy and invigorating full body massage.

This unit can operate at both 220 and 440 V. Thus you can easily connect it with your electricity supply,

With the nearly same design, it’s cover and safety clips will save the unit from polluting and Its built-in balboa heater will take care of your whole year enjoyment,

This cheap hot tub is the perfect unit for a small family of three!

buy from amazon

Essential Hot Tubs Newport 

Essential Hot Tubs NewportWith 14 stainless steel jets, this 3-4 person hot tub comes with a separate compartment for full body massage and passive therapy.

Being compatible to operate at 120/220 V supply, this plug and play hot tub is pretty easy to install. It requires very little maintenance.

Having straight of the art efficient insulated cover to retain hear, safety clips for protection, and balboa heater for quick heating, essential hot tubs come with one year warranty including parts and labor cost!

With a good track record and operation history, this is a highly trustable brand, indeed!

buy from amazon

American Spas Hot Tubs Black Friday Deals

Few of the Black Friday hot tub deals provided by the American Spas are mentioned below:

American Spas Hot Tub AM-630LS 

American Spas Hot Tub AM-630LSThis five-person hot tub has a 5.5 KW heavy-duty heater, which is very quick in whisper-quiet heating of the water with a single push of a button.

This unit is equipped with 30 jets, and you can adjust their flow to have a decent pressure, and jets’ direction control will add more flexibility to your bathing experience.

Its hydro clear Ozonator uses ozone to keep the water clean and free of germs.

With reusable filters, this SPA will last long!

buy from amazon

American Spas AM-628TM 2-Person Triangle 

American Spas AM-628TM 2-Person TriangleThis hot tub is perfect for couples with accommodation for two people.

It is triangular and is equipped with 28 jets. One can adjust the jet’s pressure and align them with the body position.

Its heater operates very quietly and quickly heats the water to your desired temperature.

The built-in Ozonator will keep water sanitized and free of germs, which omit the need for frequent cleaning.

Acrylic construction material is a guarantee of its high strength, and you can expect this unit to remain your hydrotherapy massaging partner for years!

If you are intended to buy any of American hot tubs, go with this unit out of all other black Friday hot tubs deals provided by them!

buy from amazon

American Spas Hot Tub AM-420B 

American Spas Hot Tub AM-420BJust like the above unit, this hot tub is also limited to two people, only making it perfect for you and your partner.

You can direct its 20 jets to relieve stress from desired targets, and you can change their pressure depending on your needs.

With a quick heating process, the tub operates very quietly.

You can enjoy the music with its powerful sound system even by remotely connecting the device placed in your bedroom – thanks to its Bluetooth technology.

With a free hydro-cover that protects against pollution, its floor insulation will keep the water hot.

buy from amazon

American Spas AM-534LP 3-Person 

American Spas AM-534LP 3-PersonJust like its other types, this three people hot tub is equipped with pressure adjustable 34 massage therapy jets that provide a lovely hydrotherapy experience.

Its whisper hot titanium heater will heat the water in a short time while its floor insulation will retain heat for a long time.

With a reusable filter, Ozonator installed in this unit is very handy in overall water purification. Its active ozone bubbles eliminate all kinds of bacteria and germs.

Its all-around cover not only stops pollution from getting into the tub but helps in maintaining the overall temperature for an extended time.

This is a go-to SPA for a small family of three!

buy from amazon

American Spas AM-511RM 5-Person 

American Spas AM-511RM 5-PersonThis hot tub is suitable for a mid-size family of 5 people unless they aren’t bulky in size!

Quick heating, adjustable jets pressure, jets redirection are a few of the advanced features this tub is equipped with!

After the first stage of purification from the reusable filter, its Ozonator will further purify the water to make it germ-free using active ozone bubbles.

With no requirement of frequent maintenance, this tub is pretty straight forward to clean!

Its free cover doesn’t let debris enter into the tub and retains heat for a long time – thanks to its thermal floor insulation!

buy from amazon

Hudson Bay Hot Tubs Black Friday Deals

Hudson comes at third with its best black Friday hot tub deals which are listed below:

Hudson Bay Spas 5 Person 21 Jet 

Hudson Bay Spas 5 Person 21 JetThis five-person hot tub is equipped with 21 jets. Having decent pressure, these jets will give you a perfect massaging experience.

This plug and play hot tub can operate at a standard 110 Voltage, so you may need a step-down transformer if the voltage is high.

With a water capacity of 250 gallons, its built-in pump consumes less energy and provides an excellent performance!

With highly resistant Multi-Layer Fiberglass Reinforcement, you can lean on its wall even if you are over-weight!

A perfect product for a family of 5!

buy from amazon

Hudson Bay Spa XP34 6 People 

Hudson Bay Spa XP34 6 PersonThis is a perfect outdoor SPA for a big family with 34 all-around jets with two turbo seats for the best massaging therapy experience!

On its perimeter, 12 lights make it usable during the night as well.

By delivering excellent performance and consuming less energy, its pump won’t spike up your energy bills.

With digital controls, you can change the flow of the jets instantly while sitting inside the tub!

This unit requires less frequent maintenance and is pretty easy to clean as well!

This is a go-to product out of all other black Friday hot tub deals provided by Hudson.

buy from amazon

Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 Jet 

Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 JetThese 14 jets provide back, shoulder, calf, and foot massaging depending on their position. You can adjust their pressure with digital control.

Its slip-resistant Acrylic floor is very comfortable to sit on, and its multi-layer fiberglass reinforcement makes it suitable for overweight people.

With its synthetic cabinetry, no other unit can perfectly retain heat like this one. The heating process is pretty quick in this unit!

Installation of multiple colored underwaters LED light is a perfect ingredient for a night bath with a perfect glow!

This SPA is perfect for a couple with two kids!

buy from amazon

Hudson Bay 3 Person 14 Jet Spa 

Hudson Bay 3 Person 14 Jet SpaWith a unique design, this SPA can perfectly accommodate three people, and it needs a standard voltage of 110 V to operate.

Its pump is Energy Rite certified and provides excellent performance with minimal power consumption.

Acrylic as a manufacturing material, this tub can withstand the weight of heavy people, and high strength is a sign of its long life!

This plug and play tub has a GFCI cord that is 10ft long. So, you can place it on your lawn as well!

Just like any other Hudson hot SPA, LED brightens up this unit as well during a night bath!

buy from amazon

Hudson Bay 6 Person 19 Jet Spa 

Hudson Bay 6 Person 19 Jet SpaThis hot tub has a unique design with a perfect flow of white shell.
19 Jets are installed at various locations inside the tub to allow bathers to relieve stress from multiple body locations.

Being backed with Energy Rite, its long-lasting pump quickly heat water without spiking your energy bills!

Highly durable acrylic as the primary manufacturing material, this tub will remain your massaging partner for years!

Just don’t forget to connect it with 110V only; otherwise, you may not burn up the unit!

buy from amazon

Intex Inflatable Hot Tub Black Friday Deals

Intex is one of the few brands that are highly reputable for its black Friday hot tubs deals. A few of them are mentioned below:

IntexPureSpa 75 Inch 6 Person 

IntexPureSpa 75 Inch Portable Bubble Jet Spa 6 PersonThis six-person inflatable hot tub is equipped with 170 soothing bubble jets, two contoured headrests, and one multi-colored LED light.

Its fiber-tech construction ensures strong structural stability that makes the tub long-lasting.

This hot tub takes no more than 20 minutes in the installation, and its digital control panel makes the tub’s control settings easy and reliable.

The advanced water treatment system prevents the buildup of lime and calcium, and a built-in hard water treatment system makes the incoming water softer!

This tub is perfect for a big family of 6!

buy from amazon

Intex 77in PureSpa – Best Portable Bubble Massage Spa

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage SpaThis unit comes with an inbuilt heating system to prevent the buildup of calcium, a 3-way test strip to check water quality, two filter cartridges for water filtration, floating pool chlorine dispenser to make water germ-free.

This four-person inflatable hot tub has 120 high-powered bubble jets for a better massaging experience!

It has a soft surface to sit on without any seats, and one can perfect lean on its walls – thanks to its robust Fiber-tech construction!

Additionally, it has a built-in cover to protect the unit against outside pollution, which omits the need for frequent cleaning.

buy from amazon

Intex 28429E PureSpaAmazon’s Choice

Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus 4 Person Inflatable Hot TubBeing equipped with 140 soothing high powered jets, this hot tub can be quickly inflated and deflated for easy transportation.

This hot tub has an insulated cover that retains heat for an extended time, a heater for quick water heat up, /filter for natural water purification, a hard water system to prevent the buildup of lime, and an LED light to brighten up the tub at night.

Additionally, the chlorine dispenser keeps water sanitized for a long time, and the test strip to check water quality also comes in the same packaging.

This is a perfect tub for a family of 4!

buy from amazon

Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe 

Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe 4 PersonAll around its circumference, this unit has 140 high powered massaging bubble jets installed with two headrests to enjoy a luxurious massage while resting your head on them.

An energy-efficient pump quickly inflates the unit, and its reinforced cover doesn’t let the temperature drop.

The built-in hard water treatment system protects the tub from deterioration by keeping water clean and free of minerals.

Nearly all settings can be controlled via a wireless touch control panel with an advanced timer of 48 hours.

Built-in LED acts as an ingredient to fresh up your mood with its multi-colored glow during a night bath!

buy from amazon

IntexPureSpa Bubble Massage 4 Person 

IntexPureSpa Bubble Massage 4 PersonWith 120 powerful soothing jets, this hot tub can accommodate four people at one time.

In less than 20 minutes, you can inflate the unit to add water to it, and its rapid heating system will quickly heat the water to make it ready for the bath in a short time!

The whole control system is one hand away from you that allows you to control water temperature and jet flow with a single touch!

Intex ships the insulated cover, water test strips, chlorine dispenser, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, cover straps, and carry bag in a single packing to omit the need to visit the local stores to buy any missing part.

With easy installation and cleaning, you should give this tub a try on this years’ Black Friday hot tub deals provided by the Intex.

buy from amazon

Bestway Inflatable Hot Tub Black Friday Deals

Every year on Black Friday, Bestway comes up with great black Friday hot tubs deals for its customer, so keep the below-mentioned products in mind.

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub 

BestwaySaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot TubThis four-person inflatable hot tub with its 120 bubble jets is a perfect unit to unwind your sore muscles after a hectic workday.

With easy to control digital panel and 72 hours timer feature to automate the temperature, this unit is in the list of advanced hot tubs.

The tub will retain its shape regardless of how many times it is inflated/deflated – thanks to its puncture-resistant material.

With no expensive tools required during installation and less frequent tub’s maintenance and cleaning requirements, this is a perfect black Friday hot tub deals you’ll find!

buy from amazon

Bestway 60038E St. Lucia SaluSpa 

Bestway 60038E St. Lucia SaluSpaThis small inflatable tub has a capacity for 2-3 adults making perfect for a small family.

Its digital control panel is handy in the water temperature control, and jets flow control while sitting inside the tub.

The heating system of this energy-efficient hot tub can be programmed up to 40 days, so set it and forget it!

Strong wall structure makes tub durable, and thanks to its freeze shield – it’ll retain temperature for a long time.

This portable hot tub has a straightforward setup, less frequent maintenance requirements, and easy cleaning.

Its filter cartridge and ChemConnect dispenser will always keep the water clean and free of germs!

buy from amazon

Bestway Hawaii Air Jet Hot Tub 

Bestway Hawaii Air Jet Hot TubThis hot tub equipped with 114 air jets, this unit gives a perfect massage to your tired muscles – luxurious massaging experience!

Seventy-two hours timer for heating system automation and in-built control panel are the features that make this tub reliable!

Even over-weight people can lean or sit on its walls – thanks to its robust Y-beam internal structure!

Additionally, with easy setup, better heat retaining ability, protection cover, safety clips, and built-in handles for easy transportation, this is a perfect product for a family of 6!

If you are tired of frequent maintenance and want germ-free water inside the tub 24/7, choosing this unit from the black Friday hot tub deals would be a wise decision!

buy from amazon

Bestway 54190E SaluSpa Helsinki 

Bestway 54190E SaluSpa HelsinkiThis unit has a quick heating system and releases massaging bubbles from 81 slots located at different positions inside the tub.

With a perfect floor to sit on, its aluminum foil coating doesn’t let hot water to drop the temperature.

This rigid SPA is made up of drop stitch material that perfectly maintains the rigidity and shape of the unit.

Easy installation, no hectic maintenance, and availability of germ-free water all the time are a few features that’ll make you love this unit!

This is a huge hot tub with seating capacity for more than seven adults – perfect for a big family!

buy from amazon

Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub 6-Person 

Bestway Paris AirJet Hot TubIts 68 all-surrounding air jets release bubbles from multiple locations for relaxing back, neck, and shoulders massage.

One can redirect its jets to let them hit at desired stressed areas of the body, and without spiking your bills, its heating system can be automated for 72 hours.

Where I-beam makes the tub walls durable, its easy installation and very less maintenance requirement attract the people!

Its long-lasting pump reinforced cover with safety lock clips, and built-in air to retain heat makes this unit a go-to product out of all other hot tubs for sale on this black Friday.

Last but not least, its multiple colored LEDs make a perfect atmosphere for a lovely night bath!

Comeman saluspa inflatalbe hot tub black Friday deals

Coleman is also considered one of the best brands providing black Friday hot tub deals every year!

buy from amazon

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa 

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub SpaThis unit is equipped with 120 bubble jets and a rapid heating system to make this unit ready for luxurious massage therapy.

Where the built-in air chamber doesn’t let heat to escape the tub, pool cover with double safety lock clips prevent pollution from entering the unit.

With the integration of an automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system, you’ll find freshwater in the tub every time you decide to take a bath – thanks to its water filtration cartridge and chemical dispenser!

Having tri-tech as construction material, this is a long-lasting product perfect for a big family of 6!

buy from amazon

Coleman SaluSpa Portable 4 Person 

Coleman SaluSpa Portable 4 PersonThis small inflatable hot tub lets four persons comfortably bath together with its 60 surrounding air jets give a soothing massaging experience!

Its rapid heating system heats water in very less time, and an integrated water filtration system has a role in keeping water sanitized all the time.

Its cushioned floor is comfortable to sit on, and robust tri-tech inflated walls provide comprehensive support to lean.

With a limited warranty of 1 year days, this SPA is very easy to transport!

Reinforced cover with safety lock clips helps in retaining heat and protects it against surrounding dust that omits the need for frequent tub cleaning!

buy from amazon

Coleman 90454 SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet 4-Person 

Coleman 90454 SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet 4-PersonAll around its perimeter, 114 air jets are installed in this four-person hot tub, which can be redirected to align with body position, and their flow can be controlled using the digital control panel.

Just like its other variations, this unit comes with a one-year limited warranty. It has a cushioned floor to sit on, a chemical floated, and a filtration system to keep water germ-free.

It also has an air pad protector and reinforced cover to retain heat, puncture-resistant tri-tech construction material, and all feature control via one digital display!

Lastly, its pump is pretty energy-efficient and won’t spike your energy bills and having very lightweight; this is the best portable hot tub with easy transportation!

buy from amazon

Coleman Salu Spa Havana AirJet 

Coleman Salu spa Havana AirJetThis is the only tub that allows its users to remotely control the water temperature, pump, and air jets settings.

There is a digital control panel installed inside the tub and 99 hours of advanced temperature control timer that improves the tub’s efficiency and saves power!

All additional accessories, including the cover, water purifying ChemConnect dispenser, filter cartridge, and repair patch, come with this portable hot tub in the same packaging!

Quick inflation time and easy maintenance are admired by a few of the recent buyers of this unit!

This unit, being equipped with 60 bubble jets, is a perfect product for a couple with two kids!

With excellent customer support providing one year of warranty, you should consider this Black Friday hot tub deals!

buy from amazon

Coleman Saluspa Tahiti Airjet Hot Tub Spa 

Coleman Saluspa Tahiti Airjet Hot Tub SpaWith no air jets, this unit is equipped with a beautiful strip of holes around its perimeter from where it sprinkles hot air bubbles into the tub.

Coleman’s this unit’s massage experience of this unit isn’t as lovely as any of its other versions!

Still, you can enjoy nearly the same features as water purifying chemical dispenser, filter cartridge, cover, and built-in air chamber. The timer function is also there in this unit!

Its power-saving pump inflates the unit in no time, and its rapid heating system’s quick water heat up makes the tub ready for a luxurious bath.

Everything is controlled by the digital control panel mounted on its side, and its Tritech walls with I-beam internal structure favors over-weight people to lean down inside the tub comfortably!

It isn’t mentioned how much people this unit can accommodate, so our recommendation would be to choose any other version of the Coleman hot tubs.

buy from amazon


The year-long wait has now come to an end, and now is the right time to grab an excellent hot tub deal!

Being a hot tub lover, I have done the research to find many black Friday hot tub deals for you to save both your time and money!

These are the deals you should consider on this Black Friday to pick the one that best suits your budget and requirement!

Guess what? You’ll get nearly the same benefits on these products like customer support, warranty assistance, etc., just like any standard purchase!

So, avail this opportunity and fulfill your wish of having a luxury hot tub at home for enjoying the rest of the year!

Lastly, if you are visiting this page before Black Friday, then bookmark it and regularly check to get the updated data on black Friday sale.

In case you have missed the chance to take advantage of Black Friday hot tub deals, check out cyber Monday hot tubs deals as it would be your last chance of buying a hot tub at a low price in 2021.

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