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Small Inflatable Hot Tub 2023 Reviews - Best Small Hot Tub Costs

Best Small Inflatable Hot Tub 2023 – Reviews & Guide

small inflatable hot tubSoaking the body in hot water to relieve stress is not a 21st-century thing; people have been using this method for centuries.

There used to be a particular spot where people can enjoy a hot bath and socialize with their friends and family.

With the introduction of massage therapies, people started preferring them over going to those places.

This led to the vanishing of those spots and people who used to manage those places moved to other businesses.

Even today, people prefer to massage over having a bath in a small inflatable hot tub.

We live in the 21st century! In the fast-moving world, no one has enough time to go to Massage SPA daily to relieve their stress.

Secondly, not having a permanent large hot tub in the bathroom makes this only a dream for most people.

The sad part is, people, don’t bother to find any other alternative.

Buying a simple inflatable hot tub can help you to have quality time with your loved ones.

If you are looking for the best inflatable small hot tub, you are probably wiser than most people out there.

You have made the right decision to buy a small tub for your home where you can enjoy soaking your body in hot water.

It will help you in unwinding your muscles and having a partner to chill with, will add to its benefits.

Apart from your body, these will appease your soul needs as well, and you can find peace of mind away from the world’s worries.

But, your struggle doesn’t stop here!

Every day, a new brand introduces a new model of a hot tub in the market, and without having trusted reviews on the internet, one can’t understand the ins and outs of those products.

The selected model should not only fulfill your requirements and suit your lifestyle, but it should match your budget as well.

This is where our efforts come in. We have compiled a list of 5 best inflatable hot tubs that can bring in the change in your life.

Lets’s check our list of the best small inflatable hot tub in the market in 2023.

Top Rated Small Inflatable Hot Tubs Comparison Table

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Best Small Inflatable Hot Tubs 2023 Reviews

Which bathtub is easy to move, which one will cover more space, which unit will have low power consumption, and which product will best match your budget?

You will find the answers to know all about Best Small Inflatable Hot Tubs Reviews in 2023.

MSPA Elite Jet Reve 118 JetBest Inflatable Hot Tub With Jets 2023

Reve Spa can accommodate four bathers at a time. So, you can invite your neighbors’ couple as well to have a lovely time together.

There are a total of 118 air jets, but it is advised to set the bubbles at low or medium when you are using jets as well.

MSPA Elite Jet Reve 118 Jet – Best Inflatable Hot Tub With Jets 2020

Without jets, you can set them to “high,” but the medium will also do the job.

As the Spa height is 28”, a single bather can fully submerge to the neck, and one customer has praised the relief it got by hydrotherapy as she had a neck injury during the past month.

One can set the airflow coming out of jets at three different speeds with its variable speed pump to adjust the bubble massage intensity.

In addition to that, manually adjusted chrome jet ports allow controlled water flow and direction that adds to its advantages.

Its spiral action massage improves the circulation in the hip and waist area, and with its superior hydro-massage jets, one can relieve his/her tension. So, this unit also feels as good as it looks.

It can generate ozone, which kills the bacteria and other viruses in the water.

But if you are suffering from any lung disease, we would advise you to turn off this feature as it can cause severe damage to your lungs.

With the addition of a touch screen control panel, one can easily adjust the temperature, O3 filtering, turn off/on bubble jets and inflate the tub as well. This feature separates it from traditional bath spas.

Though the color of these units doesn’t matter, it is sometimes fascinating for the people. With its cream/mocha color, it glows in bright sunlight.

Its pump work on whisper-quiet technology, so it won’t disturb you even if you take a quick nap inside using it as one person hot tub.

This unit comes with a cover. You won’t have to find something else every time you plan to cover the unit from the top.

There are not builtin seats inside this unit. But its bottom is very soft to sit on. Thus, it won’t be a problem

You will have to clean the tub quite often. The more you wash the tub, the more prolonged will be the life of the small inflatable hot tub.

  • It can accommodate four bathers.
  • 118 adjustable bubble air jets.
  • High enough to submerge the whole body.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Hydro-massage jets for a soothing massage.
  • Ozone formation to kills bacteria.
  • Touch screen panel to adjust settings.
  • Variable Color
  • Whisper Quiet Technology
  • No built-in seats
  • It needs to be cleaned quite often

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • It can comfortably accommodate a family of 4.
  • You will have a pleasant massage experience at home with its hydro-massage jets.
  • To have a peaceful bathing time – thanks to its whisper-quiet technology.
  • You can submerge your whole body inside the small inflatable hot tub – provides neck support with proper height.

buy from amazon

Realtree SaluSpa MAX-5 – Small Blow up Hot Tub 2023

This unit is a 4 person hot tub. It is perfect for a couple to relieve stress together after a hectic workday.

You will need more than 700 gallons of water to fill the tub.

The maximum temperature that you can maintain with this blow up hot tub is 1040. However, you can set it any temperature below that as desired.Realtree SaluSpa MAX-5 – Blow up Hot Tub 2020

The pump will automatically turn itself on as soon as you set the temperature.

There are no jets that you see in other units. As confirmed by the Amazon customer support, there is a ring at the bottom of the tub from where the pump blows air through.

With the overall size of 71 in. X 26 in., one can easily lay down by supporting the next on the large inflatable hot tub to enjoy a pleasant massaging experience. Even if you are alone, having this unit can change the way you relax.

There is a one-cycle timer. When turned on, it will heat the water to your desired temperature and then automatically shuts off.

Just like the Elite Reve Tub, you will also get a cover with this unit.

If you are living in a place in freezing weather, then this might not be a good buy.

This unit keeps on decreasing the temperature in a warmer place and is difficult to maintain.

It is not as big as the Camaro Spa, which can hold more than four persons at one time. If you are a family of more than two people, you should look at other options.

Instructions to set up and maintain the pump are very handful when you buy a product. There won’t be any instruction manual with this unit, so you would have to see some other source or hire someone to set up the pump.

  • It can accommodate two bathers.
  • One Cycle timer.
  • Built-in automatic pump
  • Ring to blow the massage bubbles.
  • Wide enough to lay down inside the tub by supporting the neck.
  • Not suitable for extreme cold weather.
  • Difficult to maintain the temperature
  • No Instructional manual

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • The weather in your area mostly stays slightly warm – not suitable for freezing weather.
  • You don’t have to worry about tub setup – very straightforward.
  • If you are a couple or a family of two persons, then it is best suitable for having all the advanced features.
  • Availability of timer functionality – to automatically turn on the pump and heater any time during the day.

buy from amazon

MSPA M-113S Spa – Best Small Inflatable Hot Tub 2023

Just like the Camaro Relaxation SPA, MSPA Luxury Exotic also consists of 6 layers of laminated PVC.

With 118 jets, this unit has the same number of jets as Elite Reve Spa, but unlike the Elite Reve model, which has hydro-massage jets, this unit only supports bubble jets.MSPA M-113S Spa – Best Small Inflatable Hot Tub 2020

By seeing its specs, this unit can accommodate 184 gallons. Although it has four bather capacity, it is the perfect unit for a couple with more space to enjoy.

Just like Luxury Exotic and Elite Reve modes, this product also operates at 110 V.

Required time to heat the water for the bath is between 6-8 hours. For all other units, this time is not mentioned precisely, but these units don’t take more than 12 hours.

If the color of the product does fascinate you, then you can choose this unit in black and gold color.

This unit is equipped with the same LCD touch screen that Camaro Relaxation and Elite Reve Spa have. It makes the SPA control process a bit simpler.

It is round in shape, and as mentioned earlier, it can accommodate four bathers.

Elite Reve, Camaro Relaxation, and Luxury Exotic Hot Spa, all three units have modern control systems based on whisper quiet technology. With these units, you won’t have to worry about the noisy built-in pump.

This unit also has adjustable air jets that release bubbles for a full body massage. This feature makes this unit compatible with Elite Reve and Camaro Relaxation unit.

Just like all other units in the list of best inflatable hot tubs, there is a built-in heater in this unit as well.

There is a foam mat that is zipped on the top cover to help the preservation of heat, but still, it won’t help much in the winter season.

You need not worry about heat loss, only your heater and pump will have to work more than usual. However, it may raise your electricity bills during winters. That’s the case for all small inflatable hot tubs.

Unlike any other unit, separate outside vinyl skin makes this unit the most durable.

In addition to that, the outer layer of the leather look PVC allows you to put this unit anywhere in your house. Moreover, there is additional foam insulation all around the unit to prevent corrosion.

When it comes to the best performance, this unit leaves other units behind. With a reasonable budget, this unit should meet all your requirements.

Few buyers have complained about this unit to have a water leakage problem, but that may be due to negligence of the buyer himself, not the company.

Both Realtree and this unit drop the temperature quickly in winters makes them less trustable than the other three units in the list.

Few buyers have complained that MSPA Customer support is not very supportive.

Unlike Siena and Realtree hot Spa, this unit doesn’t have any automatic shutoff feature.

This unit is straightforward to set up, but you will have to do it yourself as just like the Realtree model, you won’t find any instructional manual with this unit.

  • 6 Layered laminated PVC – makes it sturdy and long-lasting
  • 118 bubbles jets.
  • Bather capacity for four people.
  • Run at 110 V – no need for a step-down transformer.
  • Short time required to heat water.
  • LCD Touch Screen to adjust the settings.
  • Whisper Quiet Technology
  • Adjustable Air Jets.
  • Foam mat for heat preservation.
  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions.
  • The company’s customer support is not responsive.
  • No Instructional Manual
  • No Automatic shutoff feature.
  • Water Leakage problem

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • It’s highly durable with its vinyl skin – can easily be moved around the house.
  • Plug and play 4 persons hot tub – works at 110V.
  • It takes a short time for water heat up.
  • You can adjust the air jets to have the most pleasant massaging experience.

buy from amazon

SaluSpa Siena by Bestway – Best 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2023

This Spa is limited to accommodate only two people.

Its inflated walls are made up of Tritech material.

In Tritech material, there is a three-layer reinforced material with a polyester mesh core which is encased between two layers of PVC to provide comfort.SaluSpa Siena by Bestway – Best Inflatable Hot Tubs 2020

Just like Realtree Hot Spa, this unit also has automatic start and stop timer functionality, which not only provides comfort but saves energy as well.

The power spa’s pump inflates it in no time, making its setup fast and easy.

With 120 all-surrounding air jets, this Spa provides the best massaging experience.

There are additional handles in the small inflatable hot tub that allow you to go in and out of the tub without any hustle.

Unlike Realtree and Luxury Exotic Hot Spas, this unit comes with a separate DVD that contains the instructional guide to set up the tub.

In addition to that, there is a separate chemical floater which if placed inside hot tub will dissolve the chlorine in the water to keep it free from germs.

There is a filter cartridge for cleaning the water, which is very easy to remove during the maintenance process.

Pump turns itself off after 72 hours of inactivity, and if you want to keep your pump circulating and heating the water, just push the unlock button every other day.

If you want to use this unit for summer, simply turn off the heater and fill in the cold water and enjoy a sunny bath sitting at your home.

There are built-in seats in this hot SPA and are made up of dense foam, which keeps its shape flat.

Its pump might not last as long as advertised. Most buyers have complained about the short life span of the pump.

Few People have also complained about its leakage problem, but this might be due to the carelessness of the users themselves.

Few buyers have complained that there was no DVD available, as stated by them, but you can get the information about how to set up the small inflatable hot tub easily over the internet.

As mentioned on Amazon that this item is delivered curbside, so if you want it delivered at your place, you will have to contact third party providers, which, of course, is a headache!

  • Suitable for two people.
  • Durable Tritech material – that increases its life.
  • Automatic on/off functionality.
  • Super-fast and super easy tub setup.
  • 120 air jets.
  • Built-in handles inside the tub.
  • Instructional DVD
  • Chemical Floater
  • Dense foam for flat shape.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Short pump lifespan.
  • Water Leakage Problem.
  • No Instructional manual
  • It is delivered curbside

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • It will have automatic on/off timer.
  • There are built-in seats in this small inflatable hot tub.
  • Comes with a chemical floater- to kills germs inside water.
  • Setup is straightforward and super quick.

buy from amazon

MSpa M-031S Round Spa – Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2023

Being round in shape, Camaro Relaxation is round in shape, and it has the same capacity as Luxury Exotic and Elite Reve hot Tubs making it the best 4 person inflatable tub.

MSpa M-031S Round Spa – 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2020

There is a six-layered laminated PVC in its manufacturing material that makes it to last for a more extended period.

With 114 air jets, which are slightly less number of air as compared to Elite Reve and Luxury Exotic Bath Spas, this small inflatable hot tub provides the best massaging experience.

The addition of an LCD Touch Screen makes the tub control process simpler. You can set the unit at your desired settings in a short period.

Talking about how many people it can accommodate at one time, it has the same capacity of 4 bathers as Jet Reve and Luxury Exotic hot tubs.

This unit has a built-in whisper quiet technology which makes these units to work at very low noise.

Adjustable air jets allow the users to adjust them according to their needs and placement, increasing the flexibility of massage experience.

Three levels of massage intensity, which can be controlled with speed blower, make this unit compatible with the other four units in the list.

Just like the Luxury Exotic bathtub, this unit also comes with a heat preservation mat that is zipped on top cover with a digital lock. This addition gives these units an edge over other units on the list.

It weighs only 66 pounds, which is by far less than the top five small inflatable hot tubs.

There is no automatic pump/heater control feature in this unit.

Being large, it is a bit heavier to move around the house.

  • Round shape with four bather capacity.
  • Six layered laminated PVC.
  • 114 adjustable air jets.
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Whisper quiet technology
  • Three massage Intensity levels
  • Heat Preservation mat
  • It is a bit heavy to move around
  • No Automatic control feature.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • Weighs less than all other units on the list
  • You can set the massage intensity according to your needs.
  • Heat preservation mat – help you save some bucks from electricity bills.
  • A family of 4 can easily fit in the tub at one time.
  • LCD touch screen to control the unit.

buy from amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Role Of Using a Water Softener in the Small Inflatable Hot Tub?

The absence of a water softener will clog the filters inside the bathtub and the pump will have to put in an extra effort to pass the water through those filters.

It will make the whole process costly and time-consuming. We would advise you always to use a water softener to get rid of the calcium problem.

Do I Need to Cover My Bathtub?

If you keep your bathtub outside in your lawn, it might get ruined by the leaves, bird droppings, and outdoor dust that you won’t want with your newly bought unit.

Covering your unit will not only solve this problem but will also keep the water warm inside the tub.

Can We Buy a Used Small Inflatable Hot Tub?

Yes, you can buy a used version, but if you are looking to get one from Amazon, it won’t be possible. However, you can get a used one from some local stores.

How Much Small Inflatable Hot Tubs Cost?

Companies keep on changing the pricing depending on season and time, but usually, you can get a small inflatable hot tub in a price range of 450$ to 2000$. The more costly a unit is, the more features it will have.


With an overall capacity of 4 bather, 118 adjustable air jets, touch screen panel for settings, automatic ozone formation, quiet operation, hydro massage jets, and high enough to submerge the whole body till neck, Elite Reve Spa can be considered as the best small hot tub of 2023.

With a limited budget, this unit will give you a better experience than many expensive large inflatable hot tubs out there.

We have summarized a list of the best small inflatable hot tubs, and now you are in a better position to choose the unit that best matches your requirements and budget.

You may see buying this unit as additional spending, but these little investments can make a significant change in your life and the lives of your loved ones!


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