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6-8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2023 Review - Best 6 Person Hot Tub

Best 6-8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2023 – Reviews & Guide

6-8 person inflatable hot tubTo be blessed with a big family is what everybody wishes for!

When you have more than five members in your family, there are no limitations to having fun!

Especially in today’s busy world, one must explore more ways to interact and spend time with their loved ones.

One of the ways of interacting and relaxing is to install a 6-8 person inflatable hot tub. Taking a bath in this hot tub, it will help you with an opportunity to unwind your muscles as well as to spend quality time with your family.

But, not all 6-8 person portable bathtubs are indeed advertised in the right way. You may see a company claiming their tubs to hold six-person, but in reality, it won’t accommodate more than 4.

So, selecting the right product is not less than a hustle!

You need not worry about this factor, though. Here, we have listed five different products that are designed for a big family of 6-8 persons with certain limitations!

After reading the ins and outs of these large inflatable hot tubs, the process of choosing the right product would be more straightforward for you.

Top Rated 6-8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Comparison Table

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Best 6-8 Person Inflatable Hot Tubs 2023 Reviews

Which bathtub beats the other in terms of the bather’s capacity? Why can one expect one product to last long while others to not? Which one is equipped with smart features and which tub lacks? Which bathtub will be easier to move and has a good warranty?

Read here 6-8 person inflatable hot tub reviews 2023 and get answers to all of such questions in this article!

Intex PureSpa 85 in Portable Hot Tub – Best 6-8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2023

This hot tub weighs the same as Coleman SaluSpa and Bestway SaluSpa, with an actual weight of 87.2 lbs. Still, it isn’t that heavy to move around the house quickly.

Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa – Best Portable Hot Tub 2020Intex claims about their SPA to accommodate six-person, but that is partially true.

This SPA is only best for two adults and four children. More than three adults with six-person in total can create congestion inside the tub. Moreover, it is not suitable for tall height people as well.

This unit is not equipped with built-in seats, but there is no such need to buy the seats as the floor is very comfortable to sit on. Still, if you are interested, you can buy them separately from Amazon.

This 6-8 person inflatable hot tub is made up of puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material, and fiber-tech construction is a source of comfort and makes the tub more durable.

However, the walls are not rigid, and due to their stretchable nature, the tub may not last that long once the integrity of the material is disrupted.

Although there are no real strong jets in this hot tub, it emits bubbles from a ring located at the bottom circumference of the tub.  It shoots up the bubbles directly upwards and provides a relaxing bath experience.

This unit comes with an inflatable cover. Also, there are straps to fasten the cover with the sides of the tub. Moreover, safety clips and locking snaps make the cover easy to handle. The best part is that you can blow it directly from the digital control panel using the air settings.

Filters installed in the cartridge resists the germs from entering into this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub. Thus, it provides fresh and clean water every time you fill in the tub. The maintenance and replacement of filters are also pretty straightforward.

Unfortunately, this tub is not equipped with a timer. So, you will have to control the temperature according to your needs manually.

Chemical floaters act as a resistance against any build-up of bacteria in water inside the tub. But, to always have fresh water in the tub, you will have to make sure that the floater has chlorine tablets that you have to buy separately.

With a simple control panel, while lying in the tub, you can adjust the temperature of this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub quickly. Other options like jet flow can also be controlled using this digital panel, which is waterproof.

The pump has a dual function of inflating the tub as well as running the filters. The SPA inflates/deflates quickly.

With a warranty of 1 year, you can easily trust this hot SPA. Also, this tub operates at 110 V and doesn’t consume much power.

It comes along with an instructional DVD which helps in setting up the hot tub. You won’t have to call a technician to do this job for you.

  • Quick water heating process.
  • Long life of filters.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Easy maintenance.

Best warranty of 1 year.

  • No Timer.
  • No built-in seats.
  • No rigid walls.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • If you don’t have the habit of waiting for long hours for the water to get heat up, this tub’s quick heat-up process can save a lot of your time, making it the best inflatable hot tub for winter.
  • You won’t have to replace the filters every other week. So, it can save you from extra costs in the future.
  • With one year of warranty, you can trust Intex hot tub quickly.
  • Its set up is very straightforward, and you can do its maintenance yourself – omitting the need to pay the technician some extra bucks!

buy from amazon

Bestway Palm Springs – Best 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2023

With an overall weight of 76.4 pounds, it is the second lightest hot tub in the list of 6-8 person inflatable hot tubs.Bestway Palm Springs - 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2020

Although Bestway claims this SPA to accommodate nearly six-person, recent buyers have suggested to use it for only four people. If you are a family of 4 adults and two kids, it may hold six people together. Likewise, in the case of 2 adults, it may keep more than five kids as well.

Just like IntexPureSpa, this unit is also not equipped with seats, but you won’t find a need for them with the perfect cushioned floor, which is comfortable to sit on.

Construction material used in this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub is 3x Tri-tech fortified, which is durable and puncture-resistant. This not only strengthens the wall but increases the longevity of the tub.

This tub can retain its shape regardless of how many times it is inflated or deflated – thanks to its I-beam structured walls. It also gives superior structural stability.

One hundred fourteen bubble jets will give you the ultimate relaxation. It relaxes your mind and brings relief to your unwind muscles. You will feel a sense of calming massage experience.

Although they are not as strong as standard air jets, still, their combination with the heated water can bring relief to your sore muscles.

Just like other units in the list, this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub is also equipped with an inflatable cover which perfectly clips on to the tub. It will protect your SPA from surrounding dust. But, you will face difficulty during the cover replacement process as well; these are out of stock most of the time.

The filter cartridges filter out the harmful contaminants from the water before it enters the tub. However, the maintenance of the tub takes time, and filter replacement is also costly.

Unlike IntexPureSpa, you can automate the temperature of the water inside the SPA up to 72 hours in advance – thanks to its timer functionality.

Although filters do most of the water purification process, still, some bacteria do build-up while taking a bath. To protect the body from those, there comes a Chem Connect Dispenser with the tub.

It maintains a constant level of chlorine, and by placing it inside the water, you’ll get fresh and germ-free water all the time.

You won’t have to take a single step out of the hot tub to change the settings. Thanks to its digital control panel – you can control the jet flow and water temperature while lying inside the tub.

Just like Intex hot SPA, this unit also runs at 110 V. You can easily connect this plug and play 6-8 person inflatable hot tub with your home supply.

You will get an instructional DVD with the hot tub that makes the task of setting up the SPA very straightforward.

  • Easy to move around the house.
  • Retains the heat for a long time.
  • It can automate the temperature.
  • Robust and sturdy internal structure.
  • Consumes very little power.
  • Difficult maintenance process.
  • Expensive filters.
  • No built-in filters

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • You can single-handedly move this portable hot tub around the house. Thus, it gives you the flexibility to use it at more than one place at home.
  • This SPA is not like other high energy consumption devices, so having this energy-efficient hot tub, you will not see a spike in your electricity bills.
  • Everyone loves their SPA to be equipped with all advance features, so is the case with this6-8 person inflatable hot tub. The timer function in this unit will omit the need to be present at the spot while turning on the unit.
  • Its sturdy nature will not only prolongs the life of the tub but makes it suitable for over-weight people as well.

buy from amazon

GYMAX Outdoor Spa – Best 6-8 Person Gymax Inflatable Hot Tub 2023

GYMAX hot tub weighs only 55.5 lbs making the lightest portable hot tub in our top five picks.

This is a six-person inflatable hot tub, but the weight and height of the person may limit the number of bathers to 3 or 4.  If you are a couple with four kids, this hot SPA is perfect for you.GYMAX Outdoor Spa - 6-8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2020

Just like other Spas in the list, there are no built-in seats in this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub, but trust me, you won’t have to buy those separately. It is even more comfortable to sit on its floor in comparison with seats.

GYMAX hasn’t given details of the construction material, but they claim their tubs to be made up of durable and high-strength material, which seems real due to plenty of positive reviews. It can be used in an indoor area or outdoor in the garden, which means it is pretty easy to move.

Its walls are strong enough to support over-weight people. One can easily lean on its wall to have some quality time.

Just like Intex hot tub, there are no strong air jets but a ring of powerful bubbles located on its bottom circumference. Thus, by throwing bubbles into the SPA from all around; You will have a pleasant massage experience while taking a bath inside this6-8 person inflatable hot tub.

You will get an insulated inflatable cover that will quicken the water heating process and protects it from the surrounding dirt to enter into the tub. Thus, it increases the overall heating and safety of the tub.

It is not mentioned how many filters are there in this inflatable hot SPA, but it will correctly clean the water before its entry. But the filters will give you a tough time during maintenance and replacement.

Unlike Bestway hot tub, there is no timer with this unit as well. You should adjust the temperature manually.

You will get a chemical floater with this tub but not chlorine, which can easily buy from a local store or Amazon. We would advise you to buy test strips and keep on checking the quality of water inside the tub and use the chemical floater accordingly.

Just like other units in the list, there is a digital control panel to adjust the jet flow and temperature settings. But, recent buyers have complained about it that they don’t work sometimes.

You will get six months warranty with this hot tub and this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub operates at 110 V.

Unlike other tubs in the list, you won’t get any instructional DVD or manual. So, setting up the SPA will be a bit hard, especially if you are a non-technical person.

  • Perfect for a family of 6.
  • Over-weight people can lean on its walls.
  • High Endurance strength.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Quick water heats up.
  • Very difficult to set up.
  • No built-in seats.
  • No Timer.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • Its best tub in terms of insulation makes its water heat up process quick as well as retains heat for a long time. So, it will not only saves your time but energy as well.
  • Most of the tubs need special care and deteriorates after a specific period of the tub if not adequately dealt with. This is not the case with this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub; you can use it on concrete floors as well.
  • With a pleasant massage experience, you will get fresh and clean water all the time. Just don’t forget to put the water cleaning chemical dispenser into it.
  • Thanks to its inflated cover, you won’t have to clean the tub every other day. But, doing regular maintenance after every two months will have a positive impact on the tub’s safety and performance.

buy from amazon

Helsinki Salsa Air Jet Portable Hot Tub – Best Portable Hot Tub For 6-8 Person 2023

With an overall weight of 84.7, this tub stands third in the list in terms of portability.

Unlike any other 6-8 person inflatable hot tub on the list, this hot SPA can accommodate more than six people with a maximum capacity of accommodating seven people at one time. But the limitation of the number of bathers concerning their weight and height is valid in this case as well.Helsinki Salsa Air Jet Portable Hot Tub - Large Inflatable Hot Tub 2020

The bottom surface of the hot tub is very comfortable to sit on, so you won’t find any need to buy seats separately as this unit doesn’t have built-in seats.

Drop stitch material, being sturdy, prolongs the life of the tub. It is not only favorable due to its high strength and durable nature but its light in weight as well. It is a very portable tub, and you can single-handedly move it around the house.

This unit has 83 bubble jets that help in soothing the body and soul. The tub emits bubbles from the bottom perimeter to give you a calming massage experience. It will relieve your sore muscles and omit the need to go for massage therapy.

Withhold down latches. One can easily cover this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub to protect it from the surrounding dirt so that you won’t have to clean the tub regularly.

Two filters are located at the water intake of the tub. The purpose of placing them to kill the germs and bacteria to protect you from any disease. It saves your tub from any deterioration.

But, their maintenance might be a bit hectic. Also, we would advise you to order extra filters to avoid any delays in the delivery.

Just like Bestway Palm Springs hot tub, you can automate the healing process for up to 72 hours, making the water heat up more efficient will make your life easier.

Apart from the first stage cleaning of the water by the filters, some harmful contaminants are still left in the water, which is further cleaned out by the ChemConnect Dispenser that you will get with this6-8 person inflatable hot tub. However, you will have to buy the chemicals separately.

The flow of massaging bubbles and water temperature can easily be adjusted according to your needs using the digital control panel. As it is installed on the side of the tub, one can operate it while taking a bath.

The dual-function pump not only inflates the SPA but regulates the filtration system as well so that you will get fresh and clean water every time.

Just like Intex hot Spa, you will get one year of warranty. This hot SPA can function both on 110 and 120 volts.

This6-8 person inflatable hot tub is straightforward to set up as you will get a detailed instructional manual.

  • The most spacious tub on the list of hot tubs.
  • Long life span.
  • Straight-forward set up.
  • Good Warranty.
  • Long filter life.
  • It can retain heat for a long time.
  • Quick water heating process.
  • No built-in seats.
  • Hectic maintenance.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • It is the broader tub in the list of best 6-8 person inflatable bathtub. If your family is of more than five people, this tub is best for you.
  • Thanks to its quick heat-up process, you won’t have to wait for long hours before taking a bath.
  • Being a highly reputable brand giving one year of warranty is enough to trust this product.
  • There will be very minimal maintenance and filter replacement costs, so after buying this unit, you don’t have to worry about any other significant expense.

buy from amazon

Coleman Salu Spa – Best Inflatable Hot Tub for 6 Person 2023

This hot tub has a weight of 88 lbs, which makes it the heaviest tub in the list of 6-8 person inflatable tubs.

With a seating capacity of 6 people, it’s the perfect tub for you and your kids, which one and why it is included in our list of best inflatable hot tubs. But if six adults plan to take a bath together, this tub might not fit them properly.Coleman Salu Spa - Best Inflatable Hot Tub for Winter 2020

With no built-in seats, you will have to sit on its floor, but you won’t have to worry as it’s very comfortable to sit on.

Just like Bestway hot tub, this unit is also made up of Tri-tech fortified material that increases longevity and strength.

Having durable and puncture-resistant material, you can expect this 6-8 person inflatable hot tub to last long. This unit will always retain its shape regardless of how many times you inflate/deflate it.

After a hectic workday, you and your loved ones can soothe your body and relax their mind by a better massaging experience while taking a quick bath – thanks to its 114 surrounding bubble jets.

You will get two covers with this hot tub. The first one is a round-shaped inflatable cover that latches into the sides to cover the top. The second one is the ground cover.

This SPA is equipped with two filters that are placed in a single cartridge. It will do the job of filtering out the germs and restricts the harmful contaminant from entering the tub.  This will save your tub from internal deterioration due to corrosive minerals present in the water.

Just like both Bestway6-8 person inflatable hot tubs, you can enjoy the flexibility of automating the temperature for more than 72 hours in advance.

ChemConnect dispenser will do the job of further purifying the water inside the tub and maintains a stable level of chlorine. It will keep the water clean to protect you from bacteria and your tub from deterioration.

You can buy the chlorine tablets from any local store or amazon at a very minimal price.

If you are a lover of taking a bath for long hours, then the digital control panel will be convenient for you as one can control the jet flow as well as the temperature of the water with a single touch while lying down inside the tub.

Just like GYMAX hot tub, you will get 180 days warranty while, in some cases, it will be extended for six more months.

This plug and play 6-8 person inflatable hot tub operates at 110 volts. It is energy-efficient and won’t spike your energy bills.

  • The highest number of bubble jets.
  • It consumes very little power.
  • It is equipped with all advanced features.
  • Quickly inflates/deflates.
  • Long-lasting filters.
  • No built-in seats.
  • Water heat-up may take time. .

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • This tub has the most number of bubble jets due to which it beats others in terms of better massaging experience.
  • Having a highly stable internal structure, you can expect this tub to last long.
  • With this unit, you won’t have to worry about changing the filter cartridge every other week.
  • It will give you the flexibility to enjoy all advance features that, too, with very little power consumption, so buying this unit isn’t a bad deal

buy from amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does 6-8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Cost?

The price of a 6-8 person inflatable hot tub can be anywhere between $500 and $2000 depending on the features, brand, warranty, and quality of the tub.

Does the Size of the Tub Contribute to Increasing the Cost of the Tub?

Buying a bigger tub may indeed cost you more, but it isn’t a significant factor. The main factors on which the cost depends are the tub’s brand and all advanced features.

What are the Odds of Buying a Used Hot Tub?

Although you can buy a used version of a bathtub from a local store, its first use might have created some severe issues that can be costly to overcome in the future, so we would advise you to buy a new one.

Can Kids and Infants take a Bath in a Hot Tub?

Due to the risks of dehydration and overheating, kids should not take a bath in a scorching temperature of 104 0F. However, they may enjoy the massaging experience of a hot tub at a lower safe temperature that varies concerning the age of the kids.


Here is the list of the 5 best inflatable hot tubs for 2023. We have briefly explained the ins and outs of selected units that are suitable for a large family of more than five persons.

No doubt, in the most competitive market, it is challenging to select the right unit. But, we have made a choice easier for you.

To this point, all of your confusion would be clear, and your questions answered. Now, you are in a position to decide on your own.

If you take our opinion on this, you should go with BestwaySaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub. With its max capacity of nearly seven people, comfortable cushioned floor to sit on, heavy-duty drop-stitch material, 83 surrounding bubbles, easy to manage inflatable cover, filters to clean the water and ChemConnect Dispenser to maintain the stable level of chlorine, advanced features like digital control panel and impressive warranty of 1 year, this SPA beats the other best inflatable hot tubs in the list.

Still, from these five inflatable hot tubs of 2023, you can select any unit that best matches your requirements and budget as at the end of the day, it’s your choice to make!

Spending a lovely time with your family is just one buy away from you!

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