Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2020 - Reviews & GuideA couple with two kids makes a perfect family of 4!

You will agree with me when I will say that due to busy routines, we as parents don’t have enough time to play with our kids.

Of course, extended office hours make a person tired, and there is no way to chill with kids having sore muscles.

At the same time, it is not that easy to entertain naughty children at home.

A perfect solution for both problems is to install a 4 person inflatable hot tub at your home.

So, after a hectic workday, you can unwind your muscles and spend some time with your children while taking a bath together in top quality inflatable hot tub.

Doing so will not only bring relief to your body and soul but spending quality time with your children will strengthen your relation and bond with them.

Also, finally, your children will find something to entertain themselves while sitting at home!

So, all around, buying a small inflatable hot tub is not a bad deal!

But, is it easy just to buy any bathtub from Amazon without any prior research? A big NO!

Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2021

In this competitive market, hundreds of brands are introducing new models every day that is way difficult to evaluate if you are not an expert.

Two units may look the same, but one might be more advanced than the other! A layperson can’t know this by just seeing it!

Maybe, you find a large inflatable hot tub, but it will be too expensive to buy. Will you start your struggle again to find any other alternative?

Of course not, no one has enough time to do all this alone!

That’s why we at ‘bath hour’ help people like you to choose the best small inflatable hot tub of their choice.

Top Rated 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tubs Comparison Table

Inflatable Hot TubsWeight (Ibs)Water Capacity (Gal)JetsPrice
Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable AirJet Gray90117114
Coleman SaluSpa Portable73.0119260
Intex 28439E Greywood103210140
Coleman Inflatable Filter Cartridges75.5617060
Intex 28429E PureSpa103210140

Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2021 Reviews

With a clear description of features, price comparison, explaining the pros and cons, and defining significant factors, they should be kept into consideration while buying any bathtub, we make this choice easier for people.

Furthermore, we will be diving deep to compare five different inflatable hot tubs and you can read 4 person inflatable hot tubs Reviews in 2021. You can select one of them that best matches your requirements and budget!

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable AirJet Gray – Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2021

Coleman 114 air jets SaluSpa is a bit heavier than Coleman 60 air jets Spa jets with a total weight of 90 Pounds.

It is equipped with 114 surrounding air jets, which is the highest number of air jets in the top five 4 person inflatable hot tubs in the list.Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable AirJet Gray – 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub 2020

Just like any other Coleman bathtub, this unit can also heat the water to 1040F.

Similar to Coleman 60 air jets hot tub, this unit is also constructed with Tri-tech ply inflated walls to provide more durability and comfort.

This unit comes with the same reinforced Cover as Coleman 60 air jets tub, and it has the same safety lock clips and a separate chamber for insulation.

Just like Coleman 60 air jets bathtub, this unit also has built-in handles to move the SPA from one place to another comfortably.

This unit can hold up to 177 gallons of water.

The combination of massage jets and cushioned floor can help you unwind your sore muscles after a long workday.

Unlike Coleman 60 air jets bathtub, this unit inflates in a short time. With the installation of a rapid heating system, Coleman has successfully reduced the heating time, and water gets heated up to 1040F in a short time.

Like Coleman’s other two 4 person inflatable hot tub in the list, this unit is also equipped with a Digital Control Panel that will let you adjust the temperature while sitting in the tub.

This unit designed with a Tri-tech material and a sturdy beam. That will allow you to sit on the sides of the hot tub comfortably.

To make the water inside the inflatable hot tub with jets free of germs, you will get a chemical floater with this bathtub. Now, the only thing you have to do is to place it every time you fill the tub with water.

There is a twin pack of filter cartridge which filters the water before it moves into the tub.

Last but not least, this unit is portable, and one can take it anywhere in the house.

The problem faced by the recent buyer with this unit is that it doesn’t inflate up to its maximum inflation capacity and doesn’t retain air for more number of the days, so it needs to be inflated every other day.

Customers have complained that they got delayed responses from the support team, which isn’t professional at all.

Pump-Spa connection hardware is made up of very brittle material. Buyers have complained that without much care, it might break off in a short time.

Instructions were written in a very odd manner. It took them a lot of time to set up this hot SPA.

  • Strong wall support.
  • Easy to move around the house.
  • Short Inflation time.
  • Simple touch control.
  • Multiple water filtration system.
  • Can’t inflate to its maximum capacity.
  • Can’t retain air for a long time.
  • Bad Customer Support.
  • Britte material joints.
  • No Clear Instructions.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • It is equipped with the highest number of jets in comparison with other units in the list.
  • Tri-Tech Ply Inflated walls prolong the life of this hot Spa – it will last long.
  • It has a short Inflation time.
  • Digital Control Panel will make the SPA control process easier.
  • Twin Filter Cartridge and chemical floater will make tub’s water pure and crystal clear.

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Coleman SaluSpa Portable – Best Coleman Saluspa 4 Person Hot Tub 2021

Coleman 60 air jets Spa weighs only 73.01 pounds making it the lightest Hot SPA in the list.

There are 60 built-in air jets in this unit, just Like Coleman Outdoor SPA.

The maximum temperature that can be attained in this unit is 1040 F, which is the same for all 4 person inflatable hot tubs.Coleman SaluSpa Portable – Best Inflatable Hot Tub 202

This unit consists of Tri-tech 3 ply inflated walls, which increase the durability of the SPA and make it more reliable.

You will get reinforced cover with this unit having safety lock clips. Additionally, there is a built-in air chamber for insulation.

The addition of handles makes it easy for a person to move the unit around the house, which isn’t there in Intex Deluxe Hot SPA.

It has a water capacity of 192 gallons.

Its massage jets will knead the tension from your tired muscles, while the cushioned floor will make the unit durable.

You can adjust the temperature with a digital control panel, of a small inflatable hot tub without taking a single step outside the tub. It allows you to adjust the temperature as desired.

When it comes to the durability of a tub, 3 Ply PVC gives structural stability to the bathtub.

Luckily, Coleman ship a chemical floater with its 4 person inflatable hot tub, which helps you to maintain a correct chemical level in the water, and when placed in the tub, it keeps the water clean.

Although chemical floater can help you maintain the water quality inside the pool, filter cartridges are specially installed with a purpose to remove all kinds of bacteria from your bathtub.

Most of the water purification is done at this stage.

This unit doesn’t inflate that quickly as Coleman 114 air jets SPA. It will take some time for proper inflation.

Few recent buyers have complained about leakage in the internal air valve.

According to recent buyers, customer support is not that responsive. So, you should expect a delayed response from them.

Another major issue with this best inflatable hot tub for winter is its poor insulation. It is not suitable for extreme cold weather.

This SPA will take more than 20 hours to reach maximum temperature, which means you have to run it for long hours before using it.

Although you will get an instructional manual with this tub, it will give you a hard time to setup.

  • Long Lifespan.
  • Easy to move around the house.
  • Straightforward Digital Control.
  • Highly stable tub design.
  • More inflation time.
  • Leakage in internal air valve.
  • Poor Insulation.
  • No clear bath setup instructions.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • It is the lightest four people inflatable hot Spa in the list so you can shift this unit with ease.
  • Just like Coleman 114 air jets hot SPA, Tri-Tech Ply Inflated walls will help this SPA to last long.
  • The addition of the Digital Control Panel makes this unit an excellent SPA with a top-notch control system. You can change any parameters with a single touch.
  • With the help of a built-in filter cartridge and chemical floater, you will get clean water in this hot SPA all the time.
  • It provides one of the best massaging experience to bring peace to your mind and relief to your muscles.

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Intex 28439E Greywood – Best Small Inflatable Hot Tub 2021

Intex Deluxe Tub is more massive than all three Coleman 4 person inflatable hot tubs with an actual weight of 103 Pounds.

Unlike Coleman bathtubs, Intex has integrated its Deluxe tub with 140 bubble jets.

Intex Deluxe bathtub can also heat bath 104oF with 50oF as a lower temperature range.Intex 28439E Greywood Inflatable Multi-Color – Best Small Inflatable Hot Tub 2020

Unlike any other bathtub, the Intex Deluxe bathtub is made up of laminate PVC. This material makes the tub a bit heavier.

It has a higher water capacity than all Coleman’s 4 person inflatable hot tubs with an actual value of 210 gallons.

This unit comes with 140 high power massaging jets that will help southern your body and soul. This unit is best when it comes to providing the best massaging experience.

Unlike any other unit, you will get two premium foam headrest for the ultimate relaxation.

With a fully functioning wireless touch control panel, you can change the temperature and other tub settings with a single touch of your hand. And, you can do so while enjoying the bath without any need to move out of the tub.

The Interior of this hot Spa is made of Fiber tech that maintains a comfortable surface that not only prolongs tub’s lifespan but provides structural stability as well. Moreover, it makes the maintenance and cleaning of this large inflatable hot tub accessible.

You will get a floating chlorine dispenser to maintain the chemical level inside the bathtub.

Intex Delux hot SPA has one multi-colored LED installed within the tub to create a perfect atmosphere within the bathtub for pure relaxation and to provide maximum comfort.

Unfortunately, you won’t get a cover with this unit. So, you will have to look something to cover up this unit when not in use.

Unlike Coleman 4 person inflatable hot tubs, Intex doesn’t include handles in its design. So, you can’t move this unit that easily.

Intex has not mentioned anything about its filter cartridge, so one can’t comment whether it has the same twin filters system like other products, or it just relies on a chemical floater for water cleaning.

Few buyers have complained that it is not that much wide for four people to fit in at one time.

Just like Coleman, people do find issues like delayed customer support with this company as well.

  • Robust structure.
  • Headrests inside the tub.
  • Easy to control wireless control panel.
  • Excellent structural stability.
  • Multicolored LED feature.
  • No cover.
  • No built-in handles.
  • No Filter Cartridges.
  • Too congested.
  • Poor Customer Support.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • This unit has the highest water capacity, so you will find more space to soak your body entirely.
  • Fibre Tech will increase the lifespan of this hot Spa, so you can expect it to last long.
  • With 140 bubbles jets, this hot SPA will give you the best massaging experience. You will feel as soft as if you were at rest the whole day.
  • A multi-colored LED will create a pleasant atmosphere while taking a bath at night time.
  • To have ultimate relaxation, you will get two premium headrests with this unit, which you won’t find in any other hot SPA.

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Coleman Inflatable Filter Cartridges – Best 4 Persons Hot Tub 2021

With an actual weight of 75.56 pounds, Coleman Outdoor Spa has nearly the same weight as Coleman 6o air jets hot tub.

This unit shares an equal number of air jets with Coleman SaluSpa 60 air jets Hot Tub.

With a maximum temperature of 104oF, this 4 person inflatable hot tub will provide you with a comfortable bathing environment.Coleman Inflatable Filter Cartridges – Best Persons Hot Tub 2020

Unlike any other Coleman product, Coleman Outdoor Spa is constructed with 3 Ply PVC, which makes it the second lightest bathtub in the list.

Just like Coleman’s other two bathtubs, this unit also has an inflatable cover, which will help you to save your best small inflatable hot tub from the surrounding dust.

There are two handles attached to this unit that makes this unit portable and easy to move around.

It has the lowest water capacity in the top 5 list of 4 person inflatable hot tub averaging at 170 gallons.

With nearly the same design, this unit is also equipped with massage jets just like any other Coleman hot tub. Additionally, the cushioned floor not only makes this product durable but smooth to sit on as well.

With a quicker water heating process, this unit will maintain a temperature of 104oF in a short time in comparison with other units in the list. Moreover, this bathtub inflates within minutes.

The digital control panel lets you adjust the settings of the bathtub without getting out of the pool.

Just like Coleman 114 air jets bathtub, its walls are also made up of 3 ply PVC beams, which makes it possible for the user to sit on sides of this hot SPA.

Just like Coleman’s other two units, the chemical floater will be part of add-ons with this inflatable hot tub with jets, which cleans the water and removes bacteria from it.

Two pieces of filter cartridges help you in the germs and bacteria removal from the water before entering into the tub. The rest of the water quality is maintained by the chemical floater, as explained above.

Just like Coleman’s other bathtubs, the major complaint was the same that one has to inflate the large inflatable hot tub quite often, which means that it can’t retain air for a much longer time.

Coleman’s customer support has a bad reputation among its customer.

As the insulation is not that efficient, the pump will have to work more than usual, which might raise your electricity bills.

You can’t use it in freezing weather.

  • Light in weight.
  • Portable and easily moveable.
  • Side seating ability.
  • Quick water heating process.
  • Automatically deflates quite often.
  • Bad Customer Support.
  • Poor Insulation.
  • Not suitable for freezing weather.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • It is the second lightest four-person hot SPA on the whole list.
  • Two exterior handles will make it easy for you to move this hot SPA around the house.
  • You can change the settings of parameters while lying down inside the tub – thanks to its advanced Digital Control!
  • After a hectic day at work, its massage jets and cushioned floor combine to give you the best massaging experience that soothes your body and soul.
  • Just like any other hot SPA, you will get a chemical floater and filter cartridges with this unit as well.

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Intex 28429E PureSpa – Best Intex Inflatable Hot Tub 2021 – Amazon’s Choice

Intex PureSpa weighs the same as Intex Deluxe 4 person inflatable hot tub. With an overall weight of 103 lbs, it joins the Intex Deluxe model to be the second most massive model in the list.

The number of jets is also the same as Intex Greywood Deluxe Tub with 140 air jets.Intex 28429E PureSpa – Best Blow up Hot Tub 2020

With a maximum temperature at 104oF, this best inflatable hot tub for winter can give relief to your sore muscles after a hectic workday.

The construction material of this bathtub is laminate PVC, the same as the Intex Deluxe bathtub.

Unlike the Intex Deluxe Hot SPA, you will get an insulated cover with this unit.

It can hold more water than any of the Coleman hot Spa, and this water capacity is the same as the Intex Deluxe Hot tub, which is 210 gallons.

There is a built-in system for hard water treatment. This artificial water treatment process will make the water inside the SPA gentler to provide the best experience.

140 high powered bubble jets will give you a pleasant massaging experience.

It takes nearly 20 minutes to set up this hot SPA. Moreover, you can deflate it quickly, which makes it best for storage and transportation.

Easy to control Digital Panel will give you flexibility in controlling various parameters to enjoy the best time with your family.

You can set your desired temperature, and a built-in heating system will maintain that temperature throughout your bath time.

Fibre Tech PVC construction will allow you to use this 4 person inflatable hot tub for heavy use. Also, the addition of headrests makes this unit unique in the top 5 units.

Floating Chlorine dispenser will dissolve the chlorine into the water as required to kills germs and bacteria and will maintain the quality of water.

There are two filter cartridges for the filtration of water before it enters into the bathtub. The pre-cleaning process is essential in prolonging the life of the tub.

A multi-colored LED will brighten the SPA during night time so you could get a lighting environment inside the 4 person inflatable hot tub.

Life Span of the pump motor is short. Few buyers have complained that it has not lasted more than two months.

Unfortunately, this unit is not equipped with built-in handles, which makes the portability of this less reliable.

There was an air leakage problem, but that might be due to the negligence of the buyer himself.

It doesn’t retain the air for a long time.

Customer Support is not responsive, and you will have to wait for one or two days to hear back from them.

  • Hard water treatment system.
  • It quickly inflates/deflates.
  • Suitable for heavy use.
  • Efficient water filtration.
  • Multicolored LED inside the tub.
  • Short Life Span of Pump Motor.
  • No Built-in handles.
  • Air Leakage problems.
  • Can’t retain air for a long time.
  • Poor Customer Support.

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

  • This unit has the highest water capacity, just like the other Intex Hot SPA, so you will find more space to soak your body entirely.
  • Fibre Tech material will strengthen the tub to prolong its lifespan, so you won’t have to replace it quite often.
  • With 140 bubbles jets, this hot SPA will soften your sore muscles. You can do so while spending time with your children.
  • An addition of a multi-colored LED will help you in creating incredible lighting, which will make your mood for a night bath.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Cost?

Depending on the brand, features, limitations, warranty, and quality of the tub, the price of 4 person inflatable hot tub can be anywhere between $500 and $2000.

Can 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Hold More than 4 People?

According to the overall capacity, these tubs may hold more than four people, but it will be too congested. So, it is advised to limit the number of bathers to 4 at one time.

Can I Use This Tub anywhere in My Home?

These inflatable bathtubs are portable that allows users to move them around the house quickly. You can even place them inside your home.

How Can We Cover 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub?

In most cases, you will get an in-built cover to save your tub from surrounding dust, but if not, you can cover it with anything that should be light enough not to degrade the unit.


Here is the list of five best 4 person inflatable hot tubs of 2021. Till this point, the ins and outs of all five hot Spa would be more evident.

Now, you have the best idea, and you are in a position to select any product that best matches your requirement and budget.

In my view, you should go with the Coleman 114 Air jets Squared 4 person inflatable hot tub. With its tri-tech material that strengthens the tub, reinforced cover to save tub from surrounding dust.

It also built-in handles for smooth movement, massage jets, and cushioned floor combination, short inflation time, digital control panel, chemical floater, and twin filter cartridges. All these things make this unit the best four people inflatable hot Spa on the list.

Buying a single unit will allow you to enjoy a pleasant massaging experience daily and to strengthen your bond with your kids.

Still, you can choose any product, but selecting the Coleman hot Spa would be the most logical decision.

This little investment can bring a massive change in your life that you can’t imagine without having a bath in a top-notch Hot tub with your lovely kids!

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