Inflatable Hot Tub Electric Bill Cost 2021 – How Much Does It Cost!

inflatable hot tub electric billThe inflatable hot tub electric bill is a major concern that adds a lot when you are calculating your monthly budget after bringing in one of these spas.

However, if you haven’t bought and searched for all the factors that will add to your post-maintenance and monthly costs, this article shall help you.

Does an Inflatable Hot Tub Electric Bill Cost More? – Know the Factor

The best inflatable hot tub has multiple components that run on electricity.

Also, giving an accurate estimate of the inflatable hot tub electric bill cost is difficult since it depends on how much a unit costs in your state and the hours you use on a daily and monthly basis.

So while you need to calculate your inflatable hot tub electricity costs, here are a few factors that should be counted in:

  • Price of an electric unit in your state
  • Time the hot tub stays on
  • Size of the tub and no. of people
  • Heating jets power requirement
  • A hot tub’s overall power required

How Much is A Hot Tub’s Electricity Requirement?

A hot tub’s power requirement is given based on how much of that gets consumed by significant components, including pumps, heaters, and electronics.

The following are the most common power ratings that these components consume:

Heating and Pump System: Consume between 1 and 1.5 kilowatts

AirJet Bubble System: Consumes between 0.5 and 1 kilowatts

Now, instead of searching for Intex hot tub’s costs to run or for Coleman inflatable hot tub, you should use these principle factors to count how much it will cost you every month.

For instance, in Alaska, a kilowatt charge is 17.59 cents, and if your average usage is three times per week for an hour, your hot tub’s estimated electricity cost will be around $10.

How Much My Electric Bill Increase With A New Hot Tub?

However, most hot tub manufacturers advertise their products as hot tubs that will consume $1 power per day.

If you are inclined to use it daily and if we stretch this a bit what the manufacturers claim, there will be an increase of $40-50 with ease.

Though this is still a subjective matter that depends on your duration of use, the power requirement of your hot tub, and the units a spa will consume.

Of course, this will differ for people living in other states in the United States.

How Much Electricity Does A Hot Tub Use Per Month?

Calculate how many kilowatts does your hot tub consumes and then multiply with the unit cost of electricity on your will, and you should get a perfect idea.

The water heater is a significant component that consumes most of the electricity. Varis for different brands, its usual power requirement is between 1,500 and 6,000 watts.

The power requirement of a heater in a hot tub varies depending on whether it requires 120 or 240-volt electricity.

You can even use the hot tub electric cost calculator to pull all values in and find the answer.

Some Important Factors

  • Larger hot tub means more water and thus more healing time required
  • Water heater’s age and quality
  • The thermostat settings of your hot tub
  • Insulation and tub’s cover quality

Never undermine a single factor from this list, and you can make pretty accurate inflatable hot tub electric bill costs estimate.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A 110-Volt Hot Tub?

The costs for running a 110-volt hot tub will be even lower than $1 per day. However, this will again depend on the stats, as mentioned earlier, since the ones we are using represent ideal conditions.

While the estimated increase in your electric bill could be up to $40-50 for a 240-volt hot tub, it should be around $20-30 for a 110-volt spa.

Will It Be Too Expensive To Heat My Hot Tub In The Winter?

Since the water takes more time to heat during the winter, the electricity costs are likely to spike, but this doesn’t have to get too expensive.

For instance, if you have got an energy-efficient hot tub from a trusted brand and quality insulation, the running costs should stay optimal in this case.

However, there will undoubtedly be an increase that is controlled to a great extent by being wiser.

Tips To Lower Your Hot Tub Running Electricity Costs

Here are a few tips that any hot tub owner can apply to decrease their electricity costs for good:

  • Lower the temperature down since keeping it between 38 to 40 celsius may heat water faster but it adds a lot to your electricity costs
  • Use an insulated hot tub cover that doesn’t allow heat to escape a lot
  • You should even insulate the cabinet of your hot tub
  • Get a better electricity tariff otherwise; the costs will keep spiking
  • Keep your hot tub air jets and water filters clean
  • Replace your hot tub if you own an old one since no measure could stop these old designs from using more electricity


So this article discussed some important regarding the inflatable hot tub electric bill costs and how you can calculate yours. We even brought forward some useful to lower these costs down and ensure a better experience for users.

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