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how much electricity does a hot tub useHot Tub is something that can help you in relaxing your body in water. It is a fantastic machine that the user can also use for muscle massage.

Hot Tub can make your swimming session a more enjoyable one.

Each second spent in a hot tub is full of pleasure, but there are usually some issues with electricity.

Most of the Hot tub users want to know the answer to “how much electricity does a hot tub use?”

But mostly they fail to find the correct answer.

However, in this hot tub article, we are going to help you out to know the best and detailed answers to this query.

How Much Electricity Does A Hot Tub Use in 2021?

Electricity use in a hot tub can be calculated in different ways and depends upon many factors. lets check all these factors in detail.

How To Calculate Electricity Usage of Hot Tubs?

Calculating the electricity consumed by the hot tubs is not that much-complicated task. You only need to know the exact formula of electricity consumed and put accurate values in that formula to get the right answer.

If you don’t know the method, then don’t worry, below we have given all the steps through which you can measure the electricity usage of any device.

  • Firstly you need to find out the total wattage of the device. If you don’t know the power of the instrument whose electricity you want to calculate. Then don’t worry because most machines have watt labeled on it.
  • After knowing the wattage, now you need to recognize the total hours that the device is operating on the electricity in a single day. Once you find the total hours, multiply it with wattage.
  • Following this, divide the result (which you got by multiplying wattage and hours per day) by 1,000. It will give you the result of the total kWh used per day.
  • Now you are familiar with the total kWh that the device is using in a single day. If you want to know about the kWh for a month or year, you only need to multiply the kWh by the specific number of days.
  • After doing all these mentioned stuff, you have to multiply the result by the price of electricity in your city for a single kWh. It will give you the electricity usage and the electricity cost of the hot tub.
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Hot Tubs Heating Costs

There are two different ways, including gas and electricity, to heat a hot tub. Most of the latest Hot tubs are using electricity as a heating source. 

While the older version and some new editions are also employing natural gas to heat the Hot tub.

Now the question is which option is the cheapest?

Well, in the past few years, natural gas has become much less expensive in comparison to electricity. So we will say that natural gas is the affordable means to heat a hot tub.

However, there are some factors such as insulation, water level, etc. that you need to consider while running your Hot tub on natural gas.

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Hard Covers of Hot Tubs

According to a recent report, about 70% of the heat is lost in a hot tub, which doesn’t have hard Covers.

Loss of heat means the loss of electricity or gas through which you are again going to heat your hot tub.

As indicated by the name, Hard Covers is a material that will help in reducing the heat loss so that you don’t need to spend more electricity in heating it again.

So we will suggest you choose Hard Covers that are durable and deliver the best result.

Water Volume in Hot Tubs

Water Volume is another important factor that can affect electricity usage.

For example; a hot tub with a higher water volume will demand more electricity to heat in comparison to a Hot tub with less water volume.

Make sure to keep the water level to the specific required level so that you can save more and more electricity.

Efficient Pumps of Hot Tubs

Hot tub demand a pump to circulate the water within it. These pumps also need electricity for their operation.

A small pump usually requires less energy in comparison to a large pump, but the large pump is often more dominant.

Before investing your money in any Hot tub pump, firstly you should know your requirements about whether you want a small pump or a large pump.

A small pump is perfect for Hot tub of smaller size while the large pumps are suitable for big Hot tubs. Other than this, ensure that the pumps are efficient.

Heater Voltage

A Hot Tub also need a heater to warm the water. Some of these hot tub heaters work on 240 volts while some need 120 volts.

The higher the voltage level is, the more it will draw the current. To save electricity, we will advise you to choose the Hot Tub that works on 120 volts.

Energy Efficiency

Before putting your money on any of the hot tubs, make sure that they are energy efficient. By energy efficiency, we mean that they deliver the same superior quality performance even at less power.

A lot of brands are available in the market that provides the Energy Efficiency product.

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Choose Hydropool

Hydropool is quite a famous brand that is well known because of its best hot Tubs products.

The brand has delivered some of the best hot tubs for cold climate as well as warm conditions.

Hydropool hot tubs’ costs are much affordable in comparison to the other manufacturers.

The best thing is that they offer energy-efficient hot tubs that demand less energy but deliver extraordinary performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly requested queries related to “How much electricity does a hot tub use?”

How much Electricity does the Hot Tub use in a Month?

The amount of electricity used by a hot tub per month depends on two factors, including Kilowatts usage of Hot Tub and how many hours you are using it in a month.

By multiplying both these factors, you can get the total electricity consumed by the hot tub.

How to Run a Hot Tub Economically?

To run a hot Tub economically, make sure that you are using Hard Covers, Efficient pumps, Heater Voltage that requires less energy, Energy Efficiency product, and add less Water volume in your hot tub to save more energy.

How much does it cost to Run a 110v Hot Tub?

Well, it depends on many circumstances like Hot tub age, how often you use your hot tub?

Hot tub model, cost of electricity and water in your area, the hot tub is covered or not, etc.

How much does it cost to Heat a Gas Hot Tub?

To know the answers to this question, firstly, you require to recognize the price of gas in your area.

If the gas price is low, then it will cost less, but if the cost is higher than you need a significant budget.

Other than this, it also relies on the hot tub capacity.


The hot tub is a great product to add to your daily life accessories. Many people want to know about its electricity cost before investing their cash in it.

Due to this, we have written a comprehensive detail about “How much electricity does a hot tub use?” so that you can know all the things regarding its electricity cost.

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