What Chemicals Do I Need For a Hot Tub In 2021? – Hot Tub Chemical Chart

If you want to know What Chemicals Do I Need For a Hot Tub?

Then you do not need to have a master’s degree in chemistry. Using the proper chemical combination is essential to enjoy the relaxation time in the best hot tub.

What Chemicals Do I Need For a Hot Tub In 2021?

Without a doubt, a lot of people prefer to purchase low maintenance hot tubs, or in some cases, self-cleaning tubs. Contrary to this, it is still essential t to know the efforts required to keep your hot tub tip top.

What Chemicals do I need for a Hot Tub

To keep the quality of your hot tub maintained, you need to perform an investigation regularly, clean it, and add chemical cleaners to enhance the water.

You might have seen a lot of products for hot tubs, but still, ask yourself, which chemicals do I need?

There is no denying the fact that all types of hot tubs require some amount of chemicals to keep it quality-filled and safe to use.

Even the best hot tubs with advanced self-cleaning require a regular checkup that can make sure that your hot tub is in good condition, and the water is perfectly pure every time you dive in the water.

The water is hot, and being said, the chances of bacteria infecting the water can be a lot. Thankfully, it takes a few minutes to check the quality of your hot tub every time you step in.

Do I Need To Use Chemicals?

As mentioned above, YES, all hot tubs require chemicals to provide the same amount of results as a brand new one. Even swimming pools and swim spas demand chemicals to stay in shape. Chemicals also needed for small hot tubs for 2 to 4 persons.

You can’t say no to the use of chemicals in your hot tub. However, there are some specific measures you can take to lessen the usage of chemicals.

But, you need to prepare yourself to use chemicals in your hot tub because every hot tub purchase comes with the use of chemicals. Other than that, the dosage of chemicals is also something you need to be aware of that.

What Chemicals Do I Need To Use In My Hot Tub?

Sure, your hot tub requires chemicals, but there is no need to make that complicated at all. The only ingredients that matter is the following:

  • PH controllers – pH minus and pH plus
  • Sanitizers – Bromine or Chlorine

These two ingredients are vital for controlling the temperature of the water and getting rid of bacteria. You can’t negotiate with these two; you have to put in both.

how soon can you use hot tub after adding chemicals

As a combination, you will have to use other hot tubs related products as well to handle some issues like filter cleaning, calcium, and total alkalinity.

Other than that, you can choose to look at a hot tub chemical chart to understand the variety of chemicals appropriate for hot tubs.

So, the usage of chemicals is compulsory for maintaining the quality of your hot tub. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your money.

A Balancing Act

Every hot tub deserves the perfect blend of chemicals to murder germs, bacteria, and other contaminants and works perfectly. When it comes to hot tub chemicals, you have a lot of options to choose from them. Still, do you know what chemicals do I need for a hot tub?

How Much Do Hot Tub Chemicals Cost?

Other than finding the best chemicals for your hot tubs, it is essential to consider the overall cost of your hot tub.

As mentioned above, there are two vital chemicals required for maintaining the quality of a hot tub to make sure to control the pH levels of water and manage to kill the bacteria.

No one can negotiate between these two. Some hot tub manufacturers provide their own hot tub chemical kit for the consumers.

How Much Maintenance Needed For a Hot Tub?

I think I have emphasized the importance of chemicals enough times in this content. However, the only two ingredients that will do wonders for your hot tub are pH controllers and sanitizers.

If you maintain the amount of these two, then you can expect your hot tub to remain good as new. Other than that, you also need to know how soon you can use the hot tub after adding chemicals.

Moreover, there are other products available in the market that you can use as well. But, it is essential to know if the products are suitable for your hot tub or not.

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What Do All My Hot Tub Chemicals Do?

Now, we all know how essential chemicals are. They are needed to keep the water safe and lean for use. But, what’s the purpose of other substances?

What pH Controllers Do

Do you want to know how to balance hot tub water? If yes, then pH controllers are here for you. The pH level of your water should remain between 7.2 – 7.8.

It is essential to maintain the level of pH in your water for two reasons. The first reason is that it can be quite rough to sit in the water with an unbalanced pH level. It can be either too alkaline or acidic, and both cause a lot of problems for the skin.

hot tub chemical kit

Several people believe that they are highly allergic to chlorine, but the reason is that they are sitting in the type of water with an unbalanced level of pH. So, it is essential to manage the level of pH so that our eyes and skin are not affected.

The second reason is that an unbalanced level of pH can reduce the effects of sanitization.

What Sanitizers Do

A sanitizer is essential because it kills germs. There are two types of sanitizers used in hot tubs: Bromine and Chlorine.

Both kinds of performs the same job. Chlorine is highly preferred as it is cheaper and accessible among people.

Bromine, on the other hand, is suitable for those who are not comfortable with chlorine. The bromine hot tub startup does it after the pH level balancing.

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Calcium Hardness

If the water becomes soft, and if the recommended amount of calcium not added to the water, it might affect some other parts of the tub and create a lot of corrosion problems.

Excessive calcium can result in overcast water. Still, it is essential to take a look at your hot tub handbook to understand the levels of calcium in the water.


So, it’s that you need chemicals to enhance the shape and look of your hot tub. You can even find hot tub chemicals for dummies to test your needs.

In conclusion, chemicals are necessary for the maintenance of a hot tub. If you ignore the regular adding and checking of chemicals to your hot tub, then you might end up destroying your hot tub.

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