Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors 2021 – Portable Hot Tubs Reviews

A hot tub adds pleasure and promotes well-being. Having one in your home is a good and healthy investment helping you alleviate body pains, muscle pains, stress, and a lot more. Hot spa bathing also supports sound sleep. When choosing the best hot tubs for outdoors, make sure to consider the size, quality, durability of the material, features, and safety.

Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors 2020

If you want to buy the best hot tub, simplify it in different and easy steps. First of all, sit in your seat and make sure you feel comfortable in that.

Another critical step is deciding how many jets do you need? I want to mention that the number of jets doesn’t matter, but the quality does.

So, to narrow it down, pick the best hot tubs for outdoors that you feel comfortable in, then the budget, quality & color/design of your choice.

Top 5 Best Hot Tubs for Outdoors 2021

Home & Garden Spas HG51TStainless Steel750310 51
Essential Hot Tubs 100 JetsStainless Steel700 480 100
Hudson Bay SpasLucite and Acrylic640 250 21
Essential Hot Tubs 24 Jets Stainless Steel450 250 24
Essential Hot Tubs 60 Jets Stainless Steel650 250 60

Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors 2021 Reviews

Here we would carry out the best hot tubs for outdoors reviews that are available in the market along with their pros and cons for better understanding and correct selection by our customers.

Home & Garden Spas HG51T Hot Tub – Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors 2021

If you are looking for a plug and play spa, you can quickly get for about $10000 a 220-volt powerful spa.

However, this is half-price, which makes it the best hot tub for the outdoors. The build quality and insulation of this hot tub for the outdoors are unbelievable.Home & Garden Spas HG51T – Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors 2020

With this spa, you won’t have to worry about the electricity cost.

However, the subject spa, you can leave it super-hot and is always ready for you to dip in it.

It is therefore considered the best hot tub for winter and well as summer.

Features and Performance

It also looks very decent with the Tuscan Sun color like a rock. It comes with an Ozonator built into it, which works well.

It comes with seven-color LED lights and two lit fountains. The cabinet color is dark brown, which gives it a perfect look.

If you run it 24/7 at 104 degrees, which is the max permissible by any spa company, your bill would be around $20 to $25 per month.

Other spas that are not well insulated as this one, especially like an in-ground spa or something that has no insulation, will cost you $20 to $30 every time you want to heat it.

It cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month to run them.

These are assembled in the U.S., but some of the parts are from overseas.

For the money, you’d never find a spa better than this.
The water capacity i.e., 310 gallons & weight i.e., 750 pounds makes it the best hot tubs for outdoors.

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  • It relaxes you when feeling stresses and physically tired.
  • Very economical in terms of electricity consumption.
  • Available in decent color.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The seating design brings maximum comfort.
  • It is overpriced for the features it offers.

Why Should You Buy This Product

You should buy this hot tub is because it promises the ultimate spa experience that is very relaxing and helps reduce the stress level.

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Essential 100 Jets Calypso Sterling Hot Tub – Best 6 Person Hot Tubs For Outdoors 2021

The 67 jets hot tub has seating for six individuals. The small parts are not made in the U.S, but the tub is assembled in the U.S.

The jets on this tub are phenomenal. They are well made and mighty.Essential Hot Tubs 100 Jets – 6 Person Hot Tubs 2020

You don’t have to crank them up to full blast, which is very intense, but you can tone them down as per the speed setting available. You can also switch them off from here.

It is 240V, so you’d require a 220V or 240V line run to the tubs.

The dimensions are 85” x 85” x 36″ and are a big tub.

Features and Performance

The water capacity of this hot tub is 400 gallons. It has two motors in it, which are 4 Horse Powers.

It comes with a built-in Ozonator and an insulated cover. One of the essential features of this product is that it has a Bigfoot well in it.

A lot of these tubs have small footwells, so when you people are sitting together, you are hitting each other. It is, therefore, no doubt the best hot tub for the outdoors.

Two upright seats have shoulder massages, and they have jets that are outside of the tub that you can lay your head back on. Being energy efficient, these are considered the best hot tubs for outdoors.

It is not that heavy and can be moved pretty quickly. It also comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option so you can connect your device for entertainment.

The total weight of this outdoor hot tub is 114.4 lbs. Which makes it a portable hot tub.

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  • A sound system was containing two small speakers.
  • It has 16 stainless steel jets.
  • The jets are positioned in a way that ensure even distribution.
  • A total of 6 people can fit inside this hot tub.
  • It requires a 240V plug.
  • This spa is a bit costly.

Why Should You Buy This Hot Tub?

The sound system and low electric consumption make it one of the best hot tubs for outdoors in business.

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Hudson Bay Spas 5 Person Hot Tub – Best 5 Person Hot Tub For Outdoors 2021

If you are discussing the best hot tubs for outdoors, it is not possible to forget the Hudson Bay Spas.

You can start your backyard paradise by installing it with as many as 21 jets. The motors are potent.

One suggestion for all the customers is that they don’t go after the color.Hudson Bay Spas – Drainage For Sunken Hot Tub

Keep in mind, 99 percent of the time that you look at the spa, you are not going to see the color of the actual shell, because there is a spa cover on top of it.

If you look at this spa, keeping in view this suggestion, only then you’d be able to get the best hot tub for outdoors. The product rating on amazon is 4.8 out of 5.

Features and Performance

Other features include stainless steel jets, and seven colors LED mood lighting.

It has several therapeutic jets for hydrotherapy.

Its water capacity is 250 gallons and gives a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Being the best hot tub for outdoors, it would cost you around 30 pounds a month, but a low-quality spa would cost you 3 to 4 times of it.

Both have, therefore, a massive difference in energy consumption and would result in the electric bill.

It offers several valuable features at a low price.

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The dimension of the product is 78” x 68” x 3″. It is lightweight, easy to move, and the best hot tub for outdoors. The total weight of this spa is 640 pounds.
  • Best five people hot tub 2021.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is very economical.
  • Due to the large size, five persons can be easily adjusted inside.
  • It is not very energy efficient in winters.
  • It has less water capacity, i.e., 250 gallons.

Why Should You Buy This Hot Tub?

It is the best hot tub for outdoors being economical. It is available in the market with a lot of exciting features.

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Essential Hot Tubs 24 Jets – Best Hot Tub For Winter 2021

It is generally rectangular. Due to its shape, a total of max three-person can sit inside at a time.

If you are buying this spa for your family, it is recommended to make them sit with you inside it.Essential Hot Tubs 24 Jets – Best Hot Tub For Winter

Make sure that you are comfortable in the spa while it is dry, if you are comfortable in it dry, it’s even better if it’s wet.

After making yourself comfortable, look at the level of water, and see how high it is going to be.

It has a great color and design and attracts the customer not only by its qualities but also by its looks.

Features and Performance

It is the best hot tub for outdoors because it is more extensive than its competitor hot tubs.

The dimensions are 84” x 60” x 35”.

The pump is potent and has two speed modes, i.e., high and low.

The high mode is a bit intense, but the low mode is very relaxing, especially if you want to sit and bubble in there.

It does provide enough room for the users to move around and even stretch their legs.

You won’t be hitting the other person’s feet in this. It is a plug and plays bathtub. The filtration system keeps the water clean.

It’s LED colored lights; tend to reflect better off the lighter colors.

It is assembled and made in the U.S.A. The weight of this tub is 450 lbs.

With the specifications mentioned above, it is no doubt the best hot tub for outdoors with six people capacity.

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  • Offer max space for free movement of legs without irritating others.
  • It has 24 hydrotherapy jets.
  • Best six-person hot tub 2021.
  •  It is tough to set up.

Why Should You Buy This Hot Tub?

It is not only lightweight but also offers ample space for your legs to stretch and relax.

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Essential Hot Tubs 60 Jets – Best 8 Person Hot Tub For Outdoors 2021

It has 60 adjustable jets. If you are looking for a spa with a specific type of massage (if you have got some back pain issues or shoulder pain), then select a resort that has jets in the right place with the right massaging action, and the proper water flow can help you with that.Essential Hot Tubs 60 Jets – 8 Person Round Hot Tub

There are a whole bunch of different brands to choose from, which are offering the best hot tub for outdoors, but this product is the best in business.

Keeping in view the option it offers, it is the best hot tub for outdoors, which comes at a limited price.

To make sure that clean and fresh water is available, you have to change your water every three or four months, depending upon the usage.

It is recommended to get the spa from an authentic dealer.

Features and Performance

It is effortless to move from one place to another due to its lightweight.

The dimensions of this spa are 85” x 85” x 36”; hence it offers maximum space for the customer to stretch their legs without irritating another person inside.

The product rating for the best hot tub for outdoors on amazon is 5/5.

It requires a 240V connection to run. The total weight is 650 pounds.

You can choose your cabinet color, shelf color, cover color, music option, Bluetooth, flush-mount speakers, and pop up speakers.

It is made in the U.S.A. However, people usually don’t buy from the original manufacturer or authorized dealer. Finding a proper manufacturer is half the battle.

  • These are the best hot tubs for outdoors which comes with 60 hydrotherapy jets
  • As it comes with a user manual, that’s why they are easy to install.
  • The seating design brings maximum comfort
  • The drainage of the sunken hot tub is straightforward.
  • Cushions are a little uncomfortable.
  • A bit costly.
  • More electricity consumption.
  • They are overpriced for the features that it offers.

Why Should You Buy This Hot Tub?

No other spa can reduce your pain and relax your body like this one.

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Common Mistakes That People Commit While Buying A Best Hot Tub For Outdoors

There are five main mistakes that people commit before purchasing a spa. We will discuss them one by one here in this article so that you may get the best hot tubs for outdoors.

  • Focus Only On Price

Everybody wants a bargain and a good deal, which is understandable, but if you buy a cheap hot tub, not only are you going to spend more on repair and servicing, it’s also going to last you less time.

  • Underestimating The Maintenance Needed

If someone is telling you that a spa is maintenance free is lying to you. Hot tub maintenance is straightforward.

The first step in ensuring natural water care is to make sure that your filtration system is faultless. The second step is that you need to taste and dose your water.

  • Too Many Pumps and Jets

No matter how many pumps that, you add to a hot tub. It’s not going to be able to draw more power than is physically there for it to bring.

  • Don’t Think About What Features They Want

If you buy a hot tub directly off the shelf, then quite often, you’re limited in what you get. There are loads of features that you can get.

There are also two-person hot tubs 2021 and 4 person hot tubs 2021, which are available in the market apart from 5 and 6 people.

In short, there are many options that you need to consider before getting the best hot tubs for outdoors.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Reason For The Hot Tub Not Heating Properly?

It could be the heater element, but if that is not the problem, it could be the flow from your pump. In both cases, you need to replace the items required.

Lastly, if you are not sure how to change that specific part, you must hire a professional.

Why Are The Jets of Hot Tub Not Working Correctly?

Most hot tubs have adjustable jets, so you need to turn them to make them work. Make sure that they are open all the way.

If you are refilling your hot tub, chances are you might have an airlock, and if that’s the case, you can pull out the front panel and adjust the two unions on your palm and let a little air out.

What are The Reasons for The Control Panel Displaying an Error Code?

There are different types of errors that could occur in the control panel. The first one being FLO or FLC, which is why when you have improper flow going through your hot tub.

The first thing to do is make to make sure that the tub is filled at the proper level. Also, make sure that your filters inside the hot tubs are clean.

Another reason could be the pump itself. Check it too for any fault.


You should keep your budget in your mind before selecting the best hot tub for outdoors. Also, try to buy the product from an authorized dealer.

If you are living at a place where you don’t have access to a dealer, it better is to get your desired product online from the official websites of the companies where hot tubs for sale are available.

It is recommended to hire a third party for the installation of the hot tub as the company will typically only deliver it to your door.

Lastly, don’t ever go after the advertisement but the qualities of the hot tubs.

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