Best 2 Person Hot Tubs Reviews 2023 – Small Hot Tubs For Balcony

Best 2 Person Hot TubsHaving your spa at home is a great way to pamper yourself after a long day. Whether you desire to have a relaxing session with your wife, best friend, or girlfriend, the best 2 person hot tubs are the most suitable product that can help couples to relax and have a good time together.

The best 2 person hot tubs support couples has fun after a long tiring day.

Unlike a swimming pool, you can use the best hot tub for both outdoor as well as indoor purposes, and it is suitable for all weather.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you are planning to use it with your partner only, you can buy small round hot tubs, specifically made for couples, and save your cost. The best 2 person hot tub is:

  • Cheaper than the larger versions
  • A great space saver
  • Can be more intimate than a bigger spa
There are a variety of 2 to 4 person hot tubs available in the market, and each one has its unique quality. To make the reader familiar with the top quality couple of hot tubs.

It’s my best-handpicked list for you. All best 2 person hot tubs list based on price, quality, durability, and more. Here are the top 5 of the best 2 person hot tubs.

Best 2 Person Hot Tubs 2023

Below is a short table that contains some specifications of the five best 2 person hot tubs that we are going to review later. This table portrays a clear idea about the functionalities of each of the best hot tubs in 2023.

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Best 2 Person Hot Tubs 2023 Reviews

If you want to see more information and the updated price, you can check the individual products below.

American Spas AM-628TS – Best 2 Person Hot Tubs 2023 Editor’s Choice

American Spas AM-628TS is a perfect choice for those people who have a small family. It can contain all the features that you might want to experience in a hot tub.

Spas AM-628TS can accommodate 2 people at the same time, which makes it suitable for couples.

American Spas AM-628TS – Best Hot Tubs 2020 With Plug-in-Play System, Multi Color Spa Light, and Cover

American Spas AM-628TS is a triangular shape hot tub that comes up with a total weight of 600 pounds. The weight is quite heavier in comparison to other hot tubs, but it’s okay because you are not going to carry this product here and there again and again.

Thanks to the 72 x 72 x 35 inches dimensions that make it suitable for small places.

Due to the small size, we can say that it’s small hot tubs for the balcony as well. Spas AM-628TS arrives in four colors and two style variants.

You can select Sterling Silver, Sterling & Smoke, Tuscan Sun, or Tuscany Sun & Mahogany shade.

Other than the colors, this product comes with and without cover, which you can choose depending on your desire.

Each of the shade seems quite impressive on this product. There are different patterns on the AM-628TS that makes it look elegant.

If we talk about the material, then it’s hard to beat AM-628TS. It utilizes seven layers of laminate fiber steel that strengthened with wood as well as iron to render a robust shell.

To add more stability, the manufacturer uses a thick acrylic material. Its cabinet panel also holds the insulation of fiberglass that adds value to the product.

Features & Performance

Other than design, functionalities are another thing that makes American Spas AM-628TS stand out against its competitors.

This two-person hot tub features 28 jets, which render more relaxation and hydrotherapy experience.

These jets are present at the line of the body so that users can get the most out of it.

The multi-color LED makes Spas AM-628TS an excellent pick for people who love RGB lightning.

All the LED lights are programmable so that you can shift them between different modes according to your desire.

Other than this, this hot tub comes with an easy plug and play kit and a BHP jet pump that require 110v for its operation.

It uses smart technology that makes it run efficiently, resulting in less usage of energy. The energy saver layer presents a further protection layer from various elements.

Insulation ensures to keep all the present water hot for a longer time.

Hydro Clear Ozonator system is another thing on this hot tub that might force you to put your money in this product. The Hydro clear system helps in keeping the water crystal clear.

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  • 0 BHP jet pumps
  • 5kW Heavy Titanium Heater
  • HydroClear Ozonator for clean water
  • Plug and Play Kit
  • Multi-Color LED feature
  • High-priced
  • Weight is heavier

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

American Spas AM-628TS is a premium quality hot tub that offers 28 jets for hydrotherapy.

One primary reason to invest in this hot tub is its extensive jet system. The 5.5kW Heavy duty Titanium Heater heats the water with a single button.

AM-628TS heater runs whisper-quiet so that you can enjoy a noiseless hot tub session.

Other than this, the HydroClear Ozonator, Multi-Color LED, Plug & Play Kit, and energy-efficient system makes it a worth-trying product.

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AquaRest Spas AR-300 – Small Hot Tubs For Balcony 2023

Talking about the best hot tubs and not considering AquaRest AR-300 will be the worst thing to do. AquaRest AR-300 is another two-seater hot tub that requires electric power for its operation.

AquaRest Spas AR-300 - Small Hot Tubs For Balcony 2020

AquaRest AR-300 is a 308-pound product, which means that you will require some energetic volunteers to carry and place this product.

Although the weight is quite heavy, still, if we compare AR-300 with many other hot tubs, then we might consider it an average weight.

It comes with a triangular shape and 80 x 68 x 31 dimensions that don’t demand much space. The triangular shape permits the user to fit this product even at the corners quite easily.

Unlike Spas AM-628TS, AquaRest AR-300 doesn’t offer a variety of colors and styles. Graystone is the only color that you are going to get on purchasing this hot tub.

Furthermore, it contains a Roto-molded body shell that makes it stronger. The Polyethylene and Plastic material keeps the hot tub unbreakable.

Do not worry about the physical quality of AquaRest AR-300 because it’s genuinely exceptional.

Features & Performance

AquaRest Spas AR-300 is among the best 2 person hot tubs that demand 120 volts for it working.

The 14 stainless steel jets present on this hot tub offer a soothing water massage for up to 2 people at the same time.

Air controls feature present on the top permit the user to control the power of the jets manually.

The waterfall and multi-color LED add more beauty to this product. There are nine multi-color LEDs that you can choose.

Also, it has 2 cup holders to keep you hydrated during your hot tub session.

Besides this, AquaRest Ar-300 has a touch control panel via which you can manage the temperature and switch ON or OFF the power jets.

The Klein Filtration System filters the water from dust or other impurities and makes it cleaner.

You can also change the filter when required. Moreover, the sealing spa cover holds all the heat inside the hot tub and keeps the water hot for an extended period.

The energy-efficient system forces the pump and heater to deliver more productivity and less electricity.

AquaRest Spas AR-300 has a Digital Controls on the upper end, from where you can control the hot tub with a single click.

  • Klein Filtration System
  • Multicolor LED waterfall
  • Plug and Play feature
  • Barrier-free seating
  • Long-Lasting
  • Costly
  • Lesser number of jets

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

If you want an elegant looking hot tub, then try the AquaRest Spas AR-300 that possesses a beautiful style.

This Plug and Play hot tub is quite easy to use and has 14 Jets that offer soothing massage. The control panel on the top of AquaRest AR-300 makes things more manageable for the user.

Another factor that might drive you to purchase this hot tub is nine multicolor LEDs that contribute to the waterfall effect.

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Essential 24 Jets Devotion Grey Hot Tub – Best 2 to 3 Person Hot Tubs 2023

In case you are looking for a hot tub that can accommodate 2 to 3 people, then don’t forget to check out the Essential Hot Tub.

Essential Hot Tub is the best partner after a long tiring day. It helps in easing your aching muscles.

Essential Devotion Hot Tub, Grey - Best 2 Person Hot Tubs Reviews

If we talk about the design, Essential Hot Tub is nothing less than its competitors. The design is simple but great. This product only offers a single grey color.

The grey color makes the hot tub look more luxurious. It is a 60 x 84 x 35 dimensions item that can hold 220 gallons of water, which is quite amazing.

The vast dimensions allow you to stretch your muscles while sitting in the hot tub.

Coming to the material, Essential Hot Tub utilizes acrylic substance that makes it a long-lasting product. The rectangular shape of the hot tub makes it fit even in a small area.

Essential Hot Tub additionally comes with an outer cabinet made of wood. Due to the wooden material, it doesn’t require much maintenance, and you can clear it quite quickly.

Features & Performance

Essential Hot Tub is the best Plug and Play hot tub that doesn’t demand any technical knowledge for its operation. Find the socket, plug the Hot Tub, and start using it, it’s that simple.

However, the voltage required for the operation of this masterpiece is around 110V. It contributes 24 Jets that convert your exhausting day into a relaxing one.

The location of these jets on the hot tub is quite impressive.

All the 24 jets are present towards a person’s feet, legs, and back so that you can get the best massage.

These jets are adjustable so you can change their direction according to your will.

Essential Hot Tub also provides a control panel that occupies various settings, including massage, temperature, LED, etc.

The underwater LED lighting makes everything under the water look classy.

Furthermore, it carries filters that ensure to keep any impurities away for the water. The Balboa heater allows the water to attain heat rapidly.

You can also wrap the hot tub with the insulated cover so that the water remains heated for an extended time. To keep the insulated cover in place, the Essential Hot Tub features locking clips.

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  • Twenty-four powerful stainless steel jets
  • Can carry up to three people
  • Plug & Play Electrical Connection
  • 220 Gallon Water Capacity
  • Programmable underwater LED
  • You would require energetic people to carry this hot tub
  • Simple Design

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

Essential Hot Tub is a rectangular shape hot tub that can hold 220 gallons of water. The correct placement of 24 jets makes this hot tub the first choice of many couples.

Multi-color LED lighting and filters boost the worth of this product. To keep water warm and clean for a long time, Essential Hot Tub offers a heavy-duty insulated cover.

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QCA Spas Model O Gemini SIERRA Hot Tub – Best 2 Person Small Spas 2023

Are you in search of the best 2 person hot tubs but struggling to find one? If that is true, then stop searching because QCA Spas Model 0 is the thing that you might want to try.

It is a small affordable hot tub in comparison to some other hot tubs on the list.

QCA Spas Model O Gemini – Best 2 Person Small Hot Tubs For Balcony With Plug and Play

Design is the first thing that comes to every buyer’s mind while purchasing any stuff. QCA Spas Gemini comes with an oval design with bi-level bucket seats.

The arms rest present on this hot tub provides more comfort.

Two-person might find it difficult to stretch their bodies in the hot tub at the same time. But for a single person, it’s great for stretching while remaining inside the hot tub.

It has a simple, straightforward design and a unique grey color. Manufacturers have added Lucite-Extra Acrylic on QCA Spas to make the hot tub stronger.

The unique Dura-Bond process used in this hot tub renders a triple-layer shell.

Durability is a new thing that you are going to get due to the exceptional material.

Praise to the design that makes it fit for any place. The 244 Pounds is another factor that people like about this product. It is the of the lightweight two-person hot tubs available in the market.

Features & Performance

QCA Spas is a simple-to-use hot tub that doesn’t demand any particular installation.

Using the Plug & Play system and GFCI protected cord, you can easily plug the device into a 120v outlet.

Its energy-efficient system consumes no or less electricity after reaching the demanded water temperature.

Although there are fewer jets, still they provide the same amount of relaxation to the user.

The eight strategically placed jets decrease the aching of your muscles.

Besides this, the Econo-Boost energy captures all the generated heat and moves it back to the water to keep it warm.

This Econo-Boost energy benefits in heating water rapidly and consuming less electricity.

The dual heating system, including heat recovery and water heating pump, helps in attaining the warm temperature quickly.

There is a control panel that helps in making things a lot easier for the user. You can control various settings of the QCA Spas Gemini through the control panel.

  • Lightweight in comparison to many other hot tubs
  • GFCI Protected Cord
  • Lucite-Extra Acrylic
  • Energy-efficient pump
  • Econo-Boost energy
  • Less number of jets
  • A bit Smaller Size

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

QCA Spas Model is a long-lasting hot tub that requires Lucite-Extra Acrylic for its production. It is an energy-efficient hot tub that needs far less energy in comparison to other hot tubs.

The eight jets on this hot tub make sure that couples are enjoying every single of their hot tub session. Relating to other hot tubs, QCA Spas Model is much lesser in weight, which makes it easier to carry.

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American Spas AM-420B – Best 2 Person Plug n Play Hot Tub 2023

American Spas AM-420B is the last product on our list that contains exceptional features. It is from a well-known American Spas brand that has been delivering the best hot tubs in the market as the best 2 person hot tubs for quite a long time.

American Spas AM-420B - Best 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub With Plug n Play and Free Cover

American Spas AM-420B is a 550 Pounds hot tub that accommodates 90 x 48 x 33 inches in dimensions. Due to full sizes, you might require some extra space to keep this hot tub.

From the design perspective, American Spas AM-420B is quite similar to other hot tubs of the same brand.

It appears with a simple white shade while the bottom cabinet has a brown color.

Acrylic material makes the shells entirely secure and reliable.

The cabinet uses a wooden material which is easy to clean. It also offers a brown cover, which helps in keeping the heat inside the hot tub resulting in warm water.

At the top end, American Spas AM-420B contains a control system that holds many options.

You can control the temperature, status, modes, time, and many other options via the control panel.

Features & Performance

American Spas AM-420B has a lot of features that you will love using. The 20 jets adjusted in such a position that it can make you feel relaxed.

Some jets are present on the hand position, which supports palm and wrist massage.

Thanks to the arrangements of the seats that make it suitable for short as well as taller height people.

Another thing in AM-420B, which you might not see in any other hot tub, is the freedom sound system. This freedom sound system permits the user to play music inside the hot tub.

You can control the music via the smart device with a single touch. The Speakers, Subwoofer, and Bluetooth present in the American Spas AM-420B makes listening to music possible.

AM-420B also has a solution for impure water. The HydroSilk Ozonator system kills all the microorganisms and makes the water pure.
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  • Whisper Hot Titanium Heater
  • HydroSilk Ozonator
  • 6-breaker HP Pump
  • Thermo-Layer Floor insulation
  • Hydro-Shield
  • High cost
  • Require more space

Why Should I Buy This Hot Tub?

American Spas AM-420B has a lot of things to offer for couples. HydroSilk Ozonator, 6-breaker HP Pump, premium Insulation are some factor that makes it among the best 2 person hot tubs.

The high-quality Jets deliver relaxation and don’t cause any harm to health. If you are a music lover, then Freedom Sound System on this hot tub will help you to listen to your favorite music.

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Frequently Asked Question

People usually ask a lot of questions regarding the best 2 person hot tubs currently available. To help them out, we have listed some frequently asked queries regarding the hot tubs.

Does This American Spas AM-628TS Come With A Cover?

Yes, American Spas AM-628TS come with a cover. But if you don’t want a cover, then you can order the other style of this product that doesn’t contain any cover.

What is The Interior Depth of AquaRest Spas AR-300?

From top to bottom, the interior depth of AquaRest Spas AR-300 is about 30″ while from bottom to waterline; the extent is around 26″.

Can We Use Essential Hot Tub For Three People At The Same Time?

Yes, three-people can use the Essential Hot Tub at the same time.

How Many Gallons of Water QCA Spas Model Can Store?

QCA Spas Model can store around 170 Gallons of water.

What Pump Does American Spas AM-420B Uses?

American Spas AM-420B utilizes a 6-breaker HP Pump.


Essential Hot Tubs and American Spas AM-628TS are two hot tubs that stand out to us due to exceptional features.

Thanks to the higher water storage capacity, Seating Capacity, Jets, and overall performance, making AM-628TS and Essential hot tubs our favorite pick, and it wasn’t a difficult decision.

These best 2 person hot tubs render an enjoyable experience for couples at affordable rates, and we guarantee that you will never grieve investing in these outstanding hot tubs.

If you have any questions regarding the best 2 person hot tubs, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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