Where Is The Drain Plug On a Hot Tub 2021? Step By Step Guide of Draining

Are you worried about the maintenance and wondering, where is the drain plug on a hot tub?

After buying from our collection of best hot tubs in 2021, users ask this question more frequently, making it the most common query the customer support receives.

So let’s cover that in detail to ensure a safer hot tub experience for you guys.

Where is the Drain Plug on a Hot Tub

A Step-By-Step Guide To Drain A Hot Tub

Before you move ahead to start cleaning your hot tub, there are some basics that you need to be aware of regarding the type of component a drain plug is and where it is located.

So if your hot tub won’t drain properly, this ultimate guide to drain plug on a hot tub and how to use it for cleaning the spa should be quite helpful.

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Where Is The Drain Plug On a Hot Tub 2021?

quick drain hose for hot tubA drain plug on a hot tub is a single outlet to drain water out of the spa that you had filled for your hydrotherapy sessions.

It is significant because cleaning your fixed or portable spa is an everyday job that you must perform, mainly when you use the hot tub regularly.

This drain hole is a necessary component that is engineering beautifully at the bottom of all best plug and play hot tubs.

They may be of different types, including the one with a pipe, and the other is simply a built-in hole with a cap on it.

After getting a basic understanding of a drain hole on a hot tub, it is times that we move forward and teach you how to drain a Jacuzzi hot tub with and without a pump or vacuum.

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Locate the Drain Plug

In any basic or advanced hot tub, a drain plug is located at the bottom of the spa. Now, depending on the hot tub model and brand, it could be present at any side of its walls.

Usually, it is located under the wall where the captain’s seat is located right under the headrest.

How To Use a Hot Tub Drain Plug?

The two common types of drain plugs are the ones with and without a pipe outlet. The drain pipe looks similar as of an air conditioner’s, so you won’t face any trouble while recognizing it.

The drain hose Once you have located the thing, the following is how to drain a hot tub without a pump:

For A Piped Drain Hose

  • Locate and reach the drain pipe
  • Open the cap of this drain pipe, moving it clockwise.
  • It should let the water out within no time.

For a Drain Hose Without Pipe

You’re going to need a plyer for this one. It would be challenging with your bare hands; however, be gentle while opening with a plyer as well since finding the same quality hot tub drain valve replacement is rare these days.

how to drain a hot tub without a pump

  • Grab the cap of the drain hose
  • Pull it outwards
  • Now, rotate it clockwise to take the cap off.
  • Once it is removed, the water should start draining out.

So, how to let the water out from a hot tub via the drain hose at the bottom. To speed the process up, you can also use a draining vacuum to get rid of the water present inside quickly.

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Where To Drain The Hot Tub Water?

Draining the hot tub water right into your garden always is a quick solution that pops in every user’s mind. While that might be the perfect solution, it just wouldn’t work for indoor users.

where to drain hot tub water

For indoor users, draining the hot tub water out of the drain hose into the garden will require you to increase the length of the drainpipe, asking for an increase in the maintenance cost.

But, if you haven’t got a fixed in-ground hot tub and own a portable one instead, simply move it towards the door and let the water out and then wipe the floor after with a wiper.

When To Drain Your Hot Tub?

If you are prone to using your hot tub regularly, then make that should be drained daily as well. Removing a hot tub is an essential part of the long cleaning process of a spa, and things can’t be hassle-free if you don’t follow this simple step.

How To Clean The Hot Tub?

To properly clean your hot tub spa, you’re going to need the following necessary components:

Required Cleaning Equipment:best plug and play hot tubs

  • A garden hose
  • A pump (not necessary though if you don’t want it to be quick)
  • The drain plugs
  • Spa cleaning mitts
  • A dry towel or cloth for cleaning purposes
  • A vacuum cleaner (with suck mode)

Must Take These Precautions Before Cleaning The Hot Tub

Before you start cleaning the hot tub, never forget to take the following precautions:

  • Cut the hot tub power off.
  • Remove the drain plugs and connect the garden hose to let the water out first.
  • Connect the garden hose to a pump (preferably a Coleman water pump) for a faster-draining operation
  • Keep all plugs away from the water, including the pump one.

Steps For Cleaning The Hot Tub

Now, start following the steps given below for completing the cleaning process:

  • Remove and clean the filters.
  • Blow out the pipes on which the filters were screwed
  • If you are using a vacuum, switch it to suck mode.
  • Use the plugs in the holes from where you removed the pipes.
  • Only let one of the holes open at a time to suck the dirt with the Vaccum
  • Turn the turbo mode on to make sure every bit of water is out of the hot tub.
  • Put the cleaning mitts on and clean the entire hot tub dry.
  • Now, clean the rest of the hot tub’s interior with a dry towel or cloth.
  • Just make sure every bit of crud has been cleaned out of the tub.
  • Now, reassemble the hot tub, and you are DONE!


So this was our complete step-by-step guide for people wondering where is the drain plug on a hot tub and how to do clean it. Just make sure that you carefully read every step thoroughly and be done with it within no time.

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